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Nationality: Finland
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: 1year ATELIER COURSE
Period: Oct.14,2013 - June 6,2014

She completed her BA degree in Fine Arts in 2011. Having studied sculpture, photographing, stone cutting, lost wax casting,electroforming and contemporary jewellery, she decided to follow her interest and focus on more traditional goldsmithing techniques. She came to Florence, the most famous city of art and craftmanship in Italy, to study jewelry making and also attended to courses specialized in hand engraving and Florentine fret saw piercing with highly skilled rofessors.

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Reporter: S.K. | Course: Jewelry Making

Ring with galleria 2

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Ring with galleria 3
1. I started to set stones to a ring I finished last month. First I make sure the stone sits on a right height respect to the hole.

Ring with galleria 3
2. Then I start making the places for grane.

Ring with galleria 3
3. I need 3 grane to keep the stone in place. While making the grane I have to take in consideration the triangular shape of the metal around the stone.

Ring with galleria 3
4. The sidestones are setted.

Ring with galleria 3
5. Then I start to set the upper stones. In here the metal aroun has a squere shape, which means I need to have 4 grane for the stone.

Ring with galleria 3
6. When all stones are setted I decorate the edges of the metal with a tool that is called Millegrane in italian.

Ring with galleria 3
7. The finished ring with a galleria. The ring is made in silver, and the stones are zirconias.

Ring with galleria 3
8. A detail of the finished ring with a galleria.


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