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Although there are currently no government funds or endowments available for financial assistance, past students have consistently received financial assistance from private educational loan companies. You may also apply for scholarship directly from Accademia Riaci.

Scholarship by Accademia Riaci

Students may apply for scholarship from anywhere in the world. They may be eligible to receive a partial tuition scholarship. To apply, please send the following items to admission office or your nearest information center.

Required Documents For Scholarship

ACCADEMIA RIACI Scholarship Application Form (PDF)
– 1-2 pages statement objectives (in English)
– Portfolio of Twelve Artworks *If you don’t have any experience in the field which you are applying for, it is not necessary to submit.
– A portfolio description sheet listing each piece by number, size, medium and the date completed. *

Preferred Documents

– Two recommendation letters from faculty, work supervisor, or any authority with a close relationship, if available.

**You MUST write which course you are applying for. In case you don’t write course name, your documents cannot be sent to the selection committee for scholarship.


By three months prior to the course start date.

*The number of students who may be accepted is limited.

Student Reporter Scholarship

At Accademia Riaci, we are recruiting Course Reporters from our students.
The students who are chosen to become Course Reporters are given 10 % of the tuition fee as their scholarship.
The Reporters who have submitted excellent reports will have his or her profile posted on our school website for the next 5 years as an alumna and will be able to connect with their business chances after their graduation.


Qualification Requirements

Accademia Riaci’s prospective students

Number of Recruitments

Two students for each major in one-year course and master course (September, January and April applicants) and for each major in the summer course (12 week course or 8 week course or 4 week course applicants)

Scholarship fee

5% to 10% of the student’s tuition (can be used in combination with regular scholarship applications). By submitting of weekly reports, and those who excelled, he or she will be given scholarships for the second year course.

Report content
  • Every week, you must submit a report including a photo, movie and an article on that week’s lesson.
    • Explanation of the technique learned, introduction of materials and tools used, photos of your classes (your work and your classmate’s works, if persons were allowed, persons photographed in natural light.)
    • On the city, on study abroad living, on roommate, how you spend your days off [about 10 or more photos]
  • 5 photos (or more) and 5 movie (or more), total 10 or more per week with brief explanation of the photo. (2-10 lines more or less.)
    Submit the report by Friday at 17:00 with original photo data.

    Each week’s photo should include:

    • 2 or more photos and movies of your artwork
    • 2 or more photos and movies of you with your teacher, you with your classmates, you and your classmates all together
    • 2 or more photos and movies of the class during the lessons (while you and the others are studying)
    • 2 or more photos and movies of your living in Florence, such as your accommodation, places you visit in Florence
    • Other photos and movies (such as school staff, etc.)

    About the photos:

    • All the photos must be on focus
    • People in the photo must show the face or profile, and not only backs
    • The copyright of the photos belongs to the school. Your name and profile photo will be shown on our website.
  • Language must be in English and your native language.
  • Submit the photos and your article by digital data every Friday.
  • During school holidays, you will report on how you spent time at the end of the holiday.

    For example, Academic year students who start course from Fall term will submit 28 weeks (28 report) for lessons weeks + 1 report during fall break + 1 report during winter break + 1 report during spring break = Total 31 reports.
    Academic year students who start course from Spring (January) will submit 28 weeks (28 report) for lessons weeks + 1 report during spring break = Total 29 reports.

  • Those who performed excellently as a Reporter will be given Reporter Scholarship and have 10 % of the tuition of following year’s Master course or the Internship program.
  • Those who were a successful Reporter for 2 years, will be given an opportunity to take an exam to become a lesson assistant for Accademia Riaci.
Application Method
  1. Accademia Riaci Application Form- downloadable from the Scholarship page of our school homepage.
    Student Reporter Scholarship Application Form
    *Please write the name of the course you wish to enroll, and check if you apply for becoming a Students’ Reporter. It may not be considered without the name of the course.
  2. Essay: Theme: “How I would like to expand my own business in the future”
    A4 size1-2 pages, in Italian or English 200~300 words, or 400 words in Japanese.
  3. Portfolio with 12 of your works (It must be attached to mail by PDF file.
    *It is not necessary if you have no experience in the field in which you would like to study.
    The contents of the portfolio must be listed: the number, the size, the medium and the finished date of the work)
  4. Explanation of each work in your portfolio about the making and characteristics of the works.


Application deadline: Three months before the start of the course. (It is reviewed by first come first served basis) among the Scholarship applicants, 2 persons (max.) for each course will be selected.

  • Scholarship
  • Student Reporter Scholarship