The Internship Program that you could learn a lot while working in professional fields in Italy.

The Internship in these fields, business and design in Italy, which are recognized worldwide, gives you a big chance to acquire knowledge and technic. You could select the Internship program adjusted to each your request, for example, for those who want to open their own stores importing clothes, sundries, foods and various Italian products in their future, or for those who have already worked in the fashion field in their own countries and want to experience of working in Italy, or those who want to work in the travel or the farm staying field as the Italian do, or those who want to work in a hotel or a "bar" in Italy. And if you have an experience, you could intern as a language teacher.

Concentrateing the training of the language study and preparing for internship

After all the key which it grows by internship, and many things can play is linguistic ability. You study Italian intensively for four months at the beginning of the course so that the linguistic ability improves it for training contents as much as possible before beginning a work experience. During this period, you surely acquire an intermediate level of Italian which is needed for internship. You also learn the technical term all over the language study in the Internship Program and prepare for internship.

The experience of working in specialized fields

A full-time coordinator coordinates where you would intern by the end of the language lessons. The place for the internship diverges into many branches; a trading company of furnitures, foods and clothes, journalism, sightseeing business, the design studios such as fashion, interior and display, the studios of picture, jewelry, bag, the language teachers, a cooking lecturer. It is a required experience especially for the person who will aim at finding employment in these fields in the future.

If you change your internship, you will be charged € 400 for each change registration fee. It is also good to have an internship in one place and gain experience. We also recommend changing your internship every four months to experience the benefits of different workplaces (restaurants). Please decide according to your wishes. For the second and subsequent internships, you will need to find and decide on your own internship destination.

Possible Places of Employment

Restaurant Internship :
Restaurant, Bar, Pizzeria, Bread plant, Confectionary company, Dining cafe, and so on.

Career Internship :
Tourist agency, Trading company , Hotel, Pension, School secretary, Teacher of your native language, Sports Gym, Gallery, Farm, and so on.

Specialist Internship :
 Bag factory, Shoe factory, Design office, Bottega (Jewelry, Furniture, Glass, Ceramics, Restoration of painting, Accessories, Candle, etc...),  and so on.
*Specialist internship is intended for experiencer of above jobs.

Course Schedule
    Duration: 6 months / 12months
    The date of entrance: The first Monday in odd months
Remarks column

Schedule may be changed for the reasons of the accepters of internship students without prior notice. Please confirm the final schedule although the number of lesson shold not be changed. If you would know more informationm, could you contact the office of Accademia Riaci?

For more information, please ask by e-mail.

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Internship Program Fees (Career Internship, Specialist Internship)

Enrollment Fee Tuition TOTAL
6-month program
(2-month Italian classes
+ 4-month Internship)
€ 2,000.00 € 3,000.00 € 5,000.00
12-month program
(3-month Italian classes
+ 9-month Internship)
€ 2,000.00 € 5,000.00 € 7,000.00

[INCLUDED]: Italian language lessons, arrangement of lessons and supporting for entrance.
- the 6-month program includes Italian language lessons for up to 2 months.
- the 12-month program includes Italian language lessons for up to 3 months.
[NOT INCLUDED]: transportation costs
* Please note that students can freely choose the duration of the Italian course according to their Italian language proficiency.
* Language classes are taught both online and face-to-face.
★ Advanced level language skills are required for the Internship program. For beginners, we strongly recommend applying for a 12-month program.
★ There is no charge for changing the internship, and you can return the language class period to the internship period.

Restaurant Internship programs

Term Fees
6-month program (2-month Italian classes + 4-month Internship) € 6,300
12-month program (2-month Italian classes + 10-month Internship) € 7,300

[Housing]: accommodation is included for the first two months only, while during the internship most restaurants offer lodging allowances to their interns.
[INCLUDED]: English interpretation service
- Internship registration fee
- Insurance during the internship.
[NOT INCLUDED]: transportation costs
* Please note: students can choose the duration according on their Italian language level.
* Language classes are taught both online and face-to-face.

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