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 Natasha Cigarroa
Natasha Cigarroa

Nationality: USA
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course
Period: July 7,2014 - July 31,2014

She has taken a 1 year of art classes in USA and came to Italy to brush up her skills utilizing her summer holidasy!

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Painting and Drawing

Natasha Cigarroa Depicted below is the first technique we learned in class. As a part of the art process one must begin creating a base for their painting, constantly manipulating their structure as it becomes clearer. The technique seen above uses the colors umber, a lot of solvent, and a paper towel to show both structure and light and dark.

Natasha Cigarroa Having been here a week longer, Ines’ already had been introduced to color. Here she works on her piece from the week before. The importance of value can be seen in the background of her picture as she changes from light to dark.

Natasha Cigarroa Lucia poses for a picture as she continues her piece from the week before. She begins her background and decides whether she wants it to be warm or cool to best compliment the rest of her piece.

Natasha Cigarroa Tuesday’s class was an introduction to the face. I learned the basic face proportions and how to use vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to bring a face to life. For homework I was assigned 5 face studies and 5 mouth studies.

Natasha Cigarroa Wednesday we began to familiarize ourselves with the color palette. Using the same ideas from Monday we began by establishing the background. Then we slowly add warm and cool colors to create a coherent piece whose colors compliment each other.

Natasha Cigarroa Here Andi emphasizes the point that painting is a conversation using Jill‘s work. One must listen and respond in order to truly capture what lies in front of us. We should always spend more time observing a painting than actually painting it.

Natasha Cigarroa Thursday we changed instructors and learned how to add texture to our canvas paper using plaster and sand. We created visually stimulating backgrounds using a spatula and plaster, making the art protrude from its surface. We had to leave them to dry but will begin painting the canvas next week.

Natasha Cigarroa In the same Thursday class we began sketches while waiting for our canvases to dry. Drawing inspiration from magazine pictures we began sketching portraits of faces as practice for the painting that is to come. I used a technique called hatching to create depth and show value.

Natasha Cigarroa Our trip to the Terracotta Lab in Impruneta was beautiful. The pottery factory is especially intriguing because each piece is hand made. We were able to see the process and even the ovens used to cook the finished pieces of work.

Natasha Cigarroa Later on the trip to the Terracotta Lab we trekked back into the main city of Impruneta. The view was incredible from the landscapes to the pieces of pottery laid throughout the city made in the Terracotta Lab. We were welcomed into the city with rain but luckily we were able to find a cafe to wait it out in.




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