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A. W.

Country: Japan
Course: Italian Home Cooking
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 11, 2023 – Sep 30, 2023

I couldn't forget the trip to Italy that I did when I was a student, so I decided to take advantage of my retirement to study abroad for a short period of time. I chose the home cooking class because I love cooking and eating. I hope that while learning about the dishes that Italian people usually eat at home, I can also experience the dishes of restaurants outside and learn a little bit about food culture.

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Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (#3) – A. W.

Home Cooking blog Although it was a simple dish of skewering various kinds of meat, vegetables of your choice, and herbs in order between the pieces of bread and baking them in the oven, it was extremely delicious. The herbs I used were laurel and sage. The bread absorbed the flavor of the meat and vegetables, and the combination of the refreshing aroma of the herbs and the flavor of the meat was amazing!
Home Cooking blog The slowly boiled vegetable stock has a rich color, aroma, and vegetable flavor, yet is very mild, and was used in many dishes such as risotto and stews.
Home Cooking blog Gorgonzola cheese risotto with pistachios. When I started adding the vegetable stock shown in photo 2, I continued to stir gently and gently without leaving the pot until the end, allowing the rice to absorb the stock little by little. There was a lot of love put into the way the teacher mixed the rice. It was lighter than I expected and went well.
Home Cooking blog A dish in which chicken is simmered in a fresh cream sauce. The sauce contains green pepper and mustard, and the refreshing stimulation of the green pepper and mustard are exquisite! Even though it was boiled with fresh cream, it wasn’t sticky at all, and it was so simple and delicious that I wanted to copy it and make it right away!
Home Cooking blog I learned how to make peperoncino in a traditional way. It’s so delicious that you can’t imagine how simple it looks! Everyone said, “I want a second helping!”
Home Cooking blog I’m currently simmering tripe and spelled soup. The teacher always cooks with all five senses and with lots of love. She made sure to check the scent, the feel of the product when stirring or touching it, the temperature she felt, the sound, and everything else to check the timing. It was a great learning experience as I was able to experience up close the skills and sensibilities she has acquired over many years of experience, as well as her passion and love for cooking.
Home Cooking blog Flavoring olive oil with herbs. Hearing the teacher’s thoughts on the significance of adding fragrance to the oil rather than the ingredients, and how the finish of a dish is influenced by how the fragrance is added and how the oil is used, makes sense! I thought.
Home Cooking blog Farro, a soup made with spelled wheat, had a gentle and nutritious taste that was addictive due to the chewy, chewy texture of the spelled wheat. I also had a second helping of this too..
Home Cooking blog Even if you think, “I’m full!”, as you watch the teacher finish the Dolce, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow! I want to eat it quickly!” and you’ll be able to eat it in one go. All of the dolce are moderately sweet, and I am always impressed by the finish that allows you to enjoy the taste and aroma of the ingredients.
Home Cooking blog I went to Pisa on holiday. When photographed, the Leaning Tower doesn’t look like it’s leaning much, but when you see it with the naked eye, it’s even more inclined. The tower was bigger, whiter, and more beautiful than I had imagined. The gelato at the gelato shop near the bridge where there was a long line was also delicious!


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