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H. T.

Country: Japan
Course: Italian Home Cooking
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 11, 2023 – Oct 6, 2023

I work as a cook. I used to cook Italian food at restaurants and hotels, but I had always wanted to learn about local cuisine and home cooking from people who live there, and after the coronavirus pandemic, I was finally able to participate. (This time it's a 4-week home cooking course.)

Oct. 18, 2023 | Posted in Reports, Summer Course , | Tags:, Reporter: H. T. | Course: Summer Intensive Course

Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (#2) – H. T.

Home Cooking blog In today’s lesson, we made a “crostata”. A tart that is traditionally eaten in Italy and has a simple and light texture. The teacher used vegetable oil instead of butter. I also add seasonal jam, and on this day it’s peach jam. Cookies made with leftover dough are filled with the teacher’s homemade prune jam. This jam is also special. The sourness of the prunes and the soft texture of the dough were so exquisite that I could eat as much as I wanted.
Home Cooking blog I was taken to a restaurant that served stylish cocktails. It looked cute, and everything I tasted was new to me, so it was a great experience.
Home Cooking blog An optional bread lesson. They told me about the Rosetta bread I requested. Rosetta means rose, and is molded into a pattern using a special mold. They even went out of their way to prepare molds for us, which made it a valuable experience.
Home Cooking blog In the bread lesson, we also made Puglia bread. Unlike Tuscan bread, this bread contains semolina flour, so the dough inside is a little yellow, and the outside is browned very strongly, making it hard and fragrant, with a strong flavor. The original recipe for both breads takes quite a long time to ferment, so we shortened the fermentation time in the lesson. I think I’ll take some time to make it after I get back to Japan.
Home Cooking blog For today’s lesson, we requested Panino Lampredotto and Trippa alla Fiorentina. Both are famous Florentine offal dishes. I never thought it would be so easy to make at home, so I’m definitely going to try it when I get some fresh meat.
この日のレッスンでは、リクエストした、パニーノ ランプレドットとトリッパ・アッラ・フィオレンティーナ。どちらもフィレンツェ名物の内臓料理。家庭でこんなに簡単に作れると思ってなかったので、新鮮なお肉を手に入れた際は、是非試してみたいです。
Home Cooking blog I wanted to go to Armando, a long-established Italian trattoria. What I wanted to eat here was pasta called Carrettiella. A simple spaghetti with tomato sauce flavored with garlic and chili peppers. The way the materials worked was exquisite and as expected.
Home Cooking blog A flower market is held in the garden near the teacher’s house. It was a very nice and pleasant market. Personally, I really liked this fruit display.
Home Cooking blog On my days off, I go to the market in front of Santo Spirito Church. Whenever I look in there, I see all sorts of shops lined up and busy, and it’s fun just looking around.
Home Cooking blog Grapes for wine that I received from my teacher. It is a variety called Fragolino, which is made for sweet wine. The moment I ate it, I was surprised by its eye-opening aroma and concentrated sweetness. I was so moved to find such delicious grapes.
Home Cooking blog This gelato is made with grapes that are said to be harvested only at this time of year in Florence. This gelato also had a unique flavor and was an unforgettable taste.


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