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H. T.

Country: Japan
Course: Italian Home Cooking
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 11, 2023 – Oct 6, 2023

I work as a cook. I used to cook Italian food at restaurants and hotels, but I had always wanted to learn about local cuisine and home cooking from people who live there, and after the coronavirus pandemic, I was finally able to participate. (This time it's a 4-week home cooking course.)

Oct. 10, 2023 | Posted in Reports, Summer Course , | Tags:, Reporter: H. T. | Course: Summer Intensive Course

Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (#1) – H. T.

Home Cooking blog We will take lessons in the kitchen of Mamma’s house in Italy. The teacher always welcomes you with a kind and warm smile.
Home Cooking blog The first day was pasta using the classic Pomodoro. In Italy, tomato sauce has traditionally been made using a strainer called a passatutto, as shown in the photo. By using this, the sauce will be finished with a richer color. It seems that the taste is different from those made today using mixers.
Home Cooking blog This is the equipment I used to make béchamel sauce. This has also been used since the teacher’s grandmother’s generation. The kitchens of Italian homes are full of old-fashioned, beloved appliances, many of which I’ve never seen before, so it’s a great learning experience.
Home Cooking blog Optional Italian dolce lesson. We made the classic tiramisu, peach tart, and Italian apple pie (strudel).
Home Cooking blog Optional handmade pasta lesson. Japanese restaurants often make handmade pasta, but the way the pasta is made and the mixture of dough is completely different and interesting. Of course it was delicious.
Home Cooking blog There is a cafe time in every lesson, so I was taught how to make coffee. I will definitely buy this machine!
Home Cooking blog Finocchio is hard to find in Japan. In Italy, it’s sold everywhere, including supermarkets, so I’m jealous. On this day, I decided to make a simple salad with finocchio and orange!
Home Cooking blog For an art visit, go to Duomo Square. I was able to learn about the history of Florence that I would not have been able to learn if I had visited by myself. It was also a great opportunity to interact with people from different classes, so I really enjoyed it.
Home Cooking blog On our excursion, we visited the city of Pistoia. There were all kinds of vegetables and fruits, as well as fine boletus. I found dried oregano at the market, which my teacher often used in lessons, and bought it immediately. The Italian dried oregano had a really nice scent and I was really happy with it, as I had always wanted it.
Home Cooking blog Go to a restaurant on the weekends. First Bistecca in Italy. A beef T-bone steak that is a specialty of the Tuscan region. It weighs about 1kg and is so impressive that two girls devoured it!


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