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A. W.

Country: Japan
Course: Italian Home Cooking
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 11, 2023 – Sep 30, 2023

I couldn't forget the trip to Italy that I did when I was a student, so I decided to take advantage of my retirement to study abroad for a short period of time. I chose the home cooking class because I love cooking and eating. I hope that while learning about the dishes that Italian people usually eat at home, I can also experience the dishes of restaurants outside and learn a little bit about food culture.

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Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (#1) – A. W.

Home Cooking blog This is my first time eating meat in my life. During the cooking process, we were given detailed explanations about the herbs that go well with the meat, and how to calculate the necessary seasoning while considering the salt content of ingredients such as cheese.
Home Cooking blog The grilled meat was light but had a strong flavor and was very delicious. Herbs worked well.
Home Cooking blog The pork was cooked by pounding the meat with a meat pounder and spreading it out. I first looked at the teacher’s example and then tried it. It was more like sliding it and spreading it out rather than hitting it. The pumpkin garnish was also smooth and delicious.
Home Cooking blog There is a proper trick to pouring pasta when separating it from a large plate, and the teacher explained in detail such details, and I see! I thought.
Home Cooking blog Aqua pazza had the image of being cooked in a pot or frying pan, but it was actually cooked in the oven. It is customary to eat seafood on Fridays, so on this day I also made octopus ragu.
Home Cooking blog Cauliflower béchamel sauce. It was lighter and smoother than the béchamel sauce made in Japan. This means that the sauce will be more likely to stick to the vegetables. From now on, I want to make this béchamel sauce too.
Home Cooking blog Italian Dolce is big size! This tiramisu also had two servings. When I was eating at a restaurant, the restaurant staff asked me if it was ok. They ask things like, “vino”? (Would you like another glass of wine?), “dolce”? (Would you like some dessert?), etc. Through lessons and eating out at restaurants, I realized that it’s important to ask for food when you want it, to refuse when you don’t, and to eat in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
Home Cooking blog In the morning, I went to a bar near the room I was staying in. The cappuccino and sfoglia with ricotta became my favorites. When I look at the people who come to the store, I see that some people don’t stay long, have a quick drink, eat, and then leave the store, while others sit leisurely and enjoy chatting. I can feel that it is happening.
Home Cooking blog When I walk to school in the morning, I try to leave early and change the route little by little so that I don’t get lost. There are new discoveries, such as whether you can see the cupola like this from here.
Home Cooking blog On Sunday, I took an express bus to Siena. It was a very beautiful place with the medieval townscape still intact. When you go to Siena, we recommend climbing the Mangia Tower. The view from the top of the tower is amazing.
Home Cooking blog (Siena) The seafood pasta I had for lunch was also delicious!


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