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Emi Ota
Emi Ota

Nationality: Japan
Course: Internship
Program: Internship
Period: Sept 1,2016- Sept 30,2017


I am an intern photographer and assistant at Accademia Riaci.
I quit my job as a photographer in Japan and came here with my husband who wanted to work at a restaurant in Italy. I took a Gelato Internship Course at Accademia Riaci meanwhile.
After my new challenge, however, I began to think that there was more possibility in the photography field in Italy so I decided to go back to my area of expertise and restart.
I love coffee, so I enjoy visiting coffee bars in and around town.
I hope I can let you know useful and helpful Italian daily-life and school information in my reports.

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Internship 7-Internship Course 2016




Don’t you wish you could take photos of your artworks in high quality?

Since I used to take many photos of products and artworks as a photographer back in Japan, I was given an opportunity the other day to give a smartphone photo lesson to some of the art major students. (If you are an art student and did not know about it, don’t worry as we will let you know when next lesson is ready.)

My lesson included tips for;
– taking close-up photos showing details of artworks;
– taking special photos for portfolios;
– taking fashion photos;
– making your own shooting kit;
– lighting up your artwork;
– making a good composition; and
– smartphone shooting.
I had students bring their own artworks so they could experience actual shooting process.

Emi Ota_20161209_01

Emi Ota_20161209_02


There are tools to create a studio-like environment that you can purchase, but nowadays you can make your own shooting kit using cloth, desk lamp, cardboard, tracing paper and application for smartphone, to take photos so close to the professionally taken ones.

Emi Ota_20161209_03

Emi Ota_20161209_04

Emi Ota_20161209_05

Emi Ota_20161209_06


All these artwork photos were taken by a smartphone using no special tool.

Emi Ota_20161209_07

Emi Ota_20161209_08



Here are 2 photos taken by my own smartphone (digitally enhanced).

Hope you can take many wonderful photos during your study-abroad period!



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