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Nationality: Japanese
Course: Interior Design
Program: One Year Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

I have studied Interior Design and basic fine arts at the University of Central Missouri, the United States. After getting BA degree, I have come to Italy to deepen knowledge and skills and learn new style at the field of Interior Design. Otherwise, I love meeting new people and culture, especially Italy does makes everything classy (beautiful). I like being in Firenze so far.

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Reporter: Rie SHIRAYANAGI | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design vol.25 – One Year 2018 (r.s)

Image #1-2: We had a video lecture about concrete material. The concrete contains specific fibers to lighten the material. It is way to lighter than the normal concrete and it is used for the dome cover of football stadium in France.

Interior Design blog
image #1

Interior Design blog
image #2

Interior Design blog
Image 3: Since the almost all courses are about finishing, students from the Jewelry course hold their small exhibition. Their works are quite beautiful, and each design was unique.

Image #4-7: We have been to San Lorenzo Church for this Friday Art Visit. The Church was owned by the Medici Family, and there is still the Palazzo di Medici near by the church for the family. The reason why the facade of the church looks different from other churches is the San Lorenzo was completed in 1459. In the past, almost all churches had that kinds of simple facades. So, the San Lorenzo church still maintains the old facade.

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image #4

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image #5

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Interior Design blogimage #7

Image #8-12: We had a field trip to an acrylic factory in Firenze for Friday’s class. We have learned how to cut, bend, shape, and finish acrylic materials with those specific machines in the pictures. They cut materials with laser or blades, and bend the shape by heating and cooling down the materials. Also, our professor took us to several buildings that have contemporary style and old classic style. We have learned many about architectural history and materials. Today’s class was the best ever.

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