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Marina Tatshani Rabadon II

Nationality: Phillippines
Course: Interior Design
Program: Art Short Course
Period: May 2, 2022 – July 22, 2022

I am Shani and I am an industrial designer by profession focusing on furniture design. In my first 3 years working in the furniture industry, I was able to work with a lot of interior designers, hence, I wanted to also be able to design my own space. Art and design plays a huge role in my life. I always enjoy being surrounded with various artworks and creative people.

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Reporter: Marina Tatshani Rabadon II | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design vol.10 (Art short course – rabadon)

Interior Design blogProfessor Bicci liked my initial design for the jewelry shop last week. He said it needed minor touches to make it more appealing. I changed the glass dome tables in the middle to make it more elegant and well-designed. I also added mirrors in the wall to make the space look big.
Interior Design blogProfessor Bicci also said to change the chairs into something more elegant so I opted for a new design. I added the lights and enhanced the overall lighting of the space to make it brighter.
Interior Design blogOverall, I added wall cornice to fill up the empty spaces of some wall. I thought it looks well and made it feel like it’s an actual jewelry shop. I also changed the sofas to match the chairs on the main counter.
Interior Design blogI enjoy walking around Firenze and spot different colors of vespas. Back in my country, I ride a vespa, but it certainly feels more different to see one in Italy.
Interior Design blogI always get my cravings fixed. Seeing a lot of pastry shops scattered around Firenze always makes me drool. This type of cannoli I usually spot it everywhere here so I wanted to try it coz it has nuts in the shell.
Interior Design blogBeing in Europe for the first time, I was able to have the chance to visit Paris! I certainly enjoyed waiting for the sun to go down and get dark to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle in all its glory.
Interior Design blogVisiting Paris wouldn’t be complete without seeing Mona Lisa. As an artist myself who learned about art for years, I fell completely in awe to see the real thing.
Interior Design blogI was captivated on how the iconic pyramid structure looked like outside but it was far more better to actually see it from the inside.
Interior Design blogToo bad the Notre Dame was still under reconstruction from the tragic fire that happened a few years ago. Still, I was able to enjoy it from afar and appreciate its exterior.

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