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Country: Taiwan
Course: Interior Design
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 5, 2022 – Sep 30, 2022

Born in Taiwan. Work in Japan’s architecture design company 5 years. After woking around 2 years started found myself have more interested in interior then i decided to go to the interior school in tokyo.The course i joined is a basic course so after graduate and got two year working experiences i want to see the different interior between Asia and Europe so i decided to join Accademia Riaci.

Dec. 15, 2022 | Posted in Reports, Interior Design , | Tags:, Reporter: Wenjie | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design Summer Course N2 (Wenjie)

Interior Design blogContinue last week’s work,trying to design the bookshelf. But i still stucking in what kind of shape should i do. Feel a little bit anxious about that can’t find the best answer. I guess is the process always happen when we are designing something.
Interior Design blogPeople who not good at cook like me should feel really thankful can having those girls as roommates.They not only just cook for themself but also cook for me too! They cooked pasta and it’s really tasty!
Interior Design blogWe went to the central market for finding lunch. And i have been heard the ‘’Lampredotto‘’ is famous in here. It’s kind of beef sandwich. It made of beef tripe with green sauce and pepper sauce. For the people like me who love spicy absolutely will like it!
Interior Design blogMuseum tour with roommates again! ‘’Palazzo Pitti’’ is so gorgeous! It’s made by renaissance style. It’s easily to find the feature at the pillar and the celling. So hard to image how ancestors to made all of it.
Interior Design blogI think there’s many huge garden in Europe but ‘’Giardino di Boboli’’ is my first time to see. It’s really beautiful but too tired for us to take whole walk around it after we see the Palazzo Pitti. And if it’s already huge enough for me then i really wondering who big the gardeb of Versailles is!
Interior Design blogAfter school we went to the ‘’Zecchi’’ which is a store sell many kind of tools for painting. Even I am not the student of painting course but i still very excited can have such this chance to came such this stores.
Interior Design blogFinally! I made my mind to decide the shape UFO with my bookshelf. And i know maybe is weird and probably unreality but i just want to create a originally bookshelf which is interesting and haven’t be made.
Interior Design blogMy beautiful classmate Anaam’s last day in school…:(( Although we actually seldom have chance to talk because we both focus on our work but i still feel very happy can have her as classmate and i really like her smile!
Interior Design blogHere’s a pastry shop near our flat and i always want to try. I was want to try the Tiramisu mostly but unfortunately it’s sold out that day. But the millefoglie i ordered is also very good tasty!
Interior Design blogThis weenkend we went to visit Roma! The one of ‘’must to visit city’’ in Italy! ‘’Colosseo’’,’’Fontana di Trev‘’ and exc. I can’t believe those buildings I only have seen in the book suddenly just front one my eyes!


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