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Tomomi W.

Country: Japan
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course + Short Course
Period: Aug 28, 2023 – Apr 12, 2024

I am very happy to be able to stay in Florence. I've always wanted to live abroad. I want to live in a foreign country, talk to people, learn, eat, walk in new places, and become a stronger and newer person day by day.

Feb. 06, 2024 | Posted in Reports, Interior Design , | Tags:, Reporter: Tomomi W. | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design Short Course (#16) – Tomomi W

Painting and Drawing blog On Sunday afternoon, my roommate and I woke up late and went to a nearby cafe to hang out. He loves chocolate, so I picked out some chocolate cookies for him. Today we are going to a department store together.

Painting and Drawing blog My Italian boyfriend is smart in his behavior, giving me a ticket to and from the store, and pulling my shoulder to protect me in the crowded streetcar.

Painting and Drawing blog Shopping at Rinascente. Jeans, sweater, belt, shoes…everything I bought was his favorite blue.

Painting and Drawing blog A sweater that I was thinking about buying but didn’t because I said I liked the feel of it. It’s fun to know who you’re talking to, like how he likes simple things without logos or decorations.

Painting and Drawing blog I was curious about this suitcase. I wonder if the day will come when we go on a long trip together.

Painting and Drawing blog For lunch, he took me to a restaurant he has been to four times with his parents. Cheers with a glass of red wine.

Painting and Drawing blog We had a small bowl of pasted pumpkin, which I finished because I know he doesn’t like pumpkin, and we got along well with each other and split the three cheeses in half.

Painting and Drawing blog I had the pasta he recommended and he had the pasta I was curious about.

Painting and Drawing blog We had panna cotta. I had pistachio sauce and he of course had chocolate sauce. We finished with espresso and were very happy. I didn’t like that he paid the bill all by card, so I tried to slip the bills into my coat pocket, but they were all in decorative pockets and wouldn’t fit.

Painting and Drawing blog I bought a facial pack. I took it because I was embarrassed to be seen writing this report while wearing the pack. Although we have less than three months to spend together, my roommate is an important part of my life in Italy.

私はフェイシャルパックを買いました。パックをしながらこのレポートを書いているのを見られて、恥ずかしかったので取りました。 一緒に過ごせる時間は3ヶ月を切ったけれど、イタリアでの生活に大事なルームメイトの存在は欠かせません。



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