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 Yueh-Ping Chen
Yueh-Ping Chen (Bonnie)

Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Interior Design
Program: Atelier 1year Course
Period: Sept 07,2015-Apr.22,2016

After received a business degree in Supply Chain Management in US, I went back to Taiwan working as a buyer for 5 years. But then realized that my true passion lay with Interior Design. Therefore, I chose Accademia Riaci to be the school, which I believed it would help me to establish the fundamental design concept and aesthetic views in Interior Design.
我在美國拿到供應鏈管理的學士學位後回台灣擔任採購的職位五年. 但是在後面的兩年我深刻地感受到採購不是我想要的職業而是室內設計. 所以我選擇了Accademia Riaci來學習設計的理念和美感的培養,我相信在就學的這段時間,我可以從這間學校學到很多的東西.

Dec. 21, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Interior Design , | Tags:, Reporter: Yueh-Ping Chen (Bonnie) | Course: Interior Design

Interior Design 13-Atelier One-Year 2015

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_01
Café’ shop working in progress; completed the floor plan with dimension;

這禮拜持續做咖啡店的設計; 這禮拜完成了平面配置圖的尺寸標示

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_02
Café’ shop working in progress; completed the front entrance logo & window design with dimension;

這禮拜持續做咖啡店的設計; 完成咖啡店招牌和櫥窗鐵框設計以及尺寸標示

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_03

This week’s art visit, we went to Museo di Palazzo Vecchio;

這禮拜的博物館參觀我們去到了Palazzo Vecchio博物館

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_04

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_05

Museo di Palazzo Vecchio;

Palazzo Vecchio博物館

Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_06
X’mas tree in front of Duomo;


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_07
X’mas lights in Florence;


Yuen-Ping Chen_20151211_08 Florence light festival in Santo Spirito;




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