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Mari M.

Nationality: Japan
Course: Gelato
Program: Summer Course
Period: Jun. 17, 2024 – Jun. 28, 2024

We operate a gelato and coffee shop in Norikura Kogen, located at the foot of Mt. Norikura in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. In the absence of gelato professionals, we are making gelato by hand, using local ingredients and learning by ourselves. I joined the 2-week gelato course because I wanted to experience the real Italian gelato and store operation, as well as a little bit of the real thing..


Jun. 26, 2024 | Posted in Reports, Summer Course , | Tags:, Reporter: Mari M. | Course: Summer Intensive Course

Gelato Summer Course (#1) –Mari M.

The first week of class
The first week of class was a classroom lecture with an interpreter present. While looking at the equipment actually used in the restaurant, he enthusiastically explained various topics such as equipment maintenance, hygiene, food ingredients, and management. In addition, he gave us advice tailored to our store, which was very helpful. The interpreter was very reassuring because the content was very dense and difficult.

Gelato blog
What I learned
When thinking about it from both the customer’s perspective and the manager’s perspective as a gelateria, which priorities are important: 1) deliciousness and aroma, 2) work efficiency, and 3) pricing. How to choose raw materials according to their season, and which form of the same material is best suited for making gelato and makes it tasty (fruit itself, paste, powder, frozen, canned).
How the 30 different types of gelato are produced each day.
The different effects of aerating and kneading the gelato on a regular basis.
He shared with us knowledge that cannot be written down here. He interviewed us thoroughly about our store, and we really appreciated his advice tailored to our store, operational policies, and philosophy.

What we practiced]
In addition to classroom lectures, he explained the action of stabilizers through experiments and visualization of cream cheese made from yogurt. Explanation of the ingredients in the milk base. How to mix them together, etc.

On my day off, I participated in an activity. I went out to Pisa. We were impressed to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Keith Haring’s murals. With the support of the school staff and explanations along the way, I was able to look at things that I would not have been able to discover if I had just walked around the city by myself, and it was a very fulfilling experience. I was very satisfied to have made Japanese friends from other majors.

Gelato blog
Gelato blog
Gelato blog
Other ways to spend time
After class, I spent time walking around Florence and finding my favorite stores. I never got tired of walking around every day because of the alleyways and the cute little stores in every corner of the city. When I got tired of the crowds, I walked to a small hill for about 30 minutes and enjoyed walking around.

Gelato blog
Gelato blog
Gelato blog



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