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 Kit Leng VONG

Nationality: Portugal
Course: Art Management
Program: Master Course
Period : Sep.7,2015-Apr.22,2016

I got a Bachelor Degree in English Communications in University of Macau. I’m a free-lance dancer and choreographer. I was facing a turning point in my artistic development, I would like to take a step forwards towards my career ambition, and furthermore I’ve been impressed and inspired by western influences while expanding my individual artistic practices. As a result I’ve decided to come to Italy to undertake the Art Management Master Course.

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Art Management 20-Master Course 2015

Art Management Master Course: Journal Communication & Preparation of the Exhibition Space

Journal Communication & Preparation of the Exhibition Space are the subjects of this week. First, in the part of Journal Communication of event and exhibition, we learn the structural elements and writing technique of press release and review. After studying the theories, we went to see a painting exhibition A Perfect Day by Francesco Laruetta in SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art, afterwards, we have to write a review about this exhibition as a class exercise.

本週的主題是新聞傳播及準備展覽場地。首先,在活動和展覽的新聞摶播部分,我們學習新聞稿和評論的結構元素和寫作技巧。在理論課後,我們去了SRISA當代藝術畫廊看Francesco Laruetta的畫展A Perfect Day,之後,我們要寫一篇關於這畫展的評論作為堂上練習。

SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art
Address / 地址:Via San Gallo 53/r Firenze, Italia





The exhibition A Perfect Day is about a contrast between paintings and the old drawing technique “spolvero” on the white wall in the gallery space. It creates a paradox dialogue of a visible sunny day on the beach and an illusory image of cemetery.

展覽A Perfect Day是關於繪畫與畫廊白牆上的古舊繪畫技巧 “spolvero” 之間的對比。它建立了可見的陽光燦爛海灘和虛幻的墓地影象間的一個對立的對話。

“Spolvero” is an art technique used for transferring an original image to another surface, pricking holes to leave the outline of an image by using the color powder.


Second, in the part of Preparation of Exhibition Space, content covers the responsibility of different positions (handler, restorer, operator, staff, and curator), set up, storage, use of the space, space decor, equipment, instruction, panel information, and bookshop, etc.




One of my assignments is to simulate to organize a contemporary art exhibition in our school. This week, we focus on working on the school’s floor plan, we have to divide the exhibition space and decide the exhibition route.




Besides, this week I join a dance class “Sharing Training” at Le Murate. Le Murate. Contemporary Art Project is a research and art production center of visual arts, music, theatre, performances, photography and design, etc. Meanwhile, it is also a platform for local and international artists sharing their works with citizen through installations, workshop, talk, exhibitions and projects.

此外,這週我參加了於Le Murate內的一個舞蹈班 「分享訓練」。Le Murate. Contemporary Art Project是一個包含視覺藝術、音樂、劇場、演出、攝影和設計等元素的研究和藝術製作中心。同時,它亦是一個供本地及外地藝術家通過裝置、工作坊、座談會、展覽及項目計劃與市民分享他們的作品的平台。

Address / 地址:
Piazza delle Murate, Firenze

Open / 開放:
Tuesday – Saturary 14:00-20:00
星期二 - 星期六 14:00-20:00



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