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Edwin M

Nationality: USA
Course: Architectural Design
Program: One-Year Course
Period: May 2, 2023 –Dec. 7, 2023

Ciao! My name is Edwin, I recently just graduated from the University of Bridgeport in Ct, USA. I now have a bachelors in science in interior design and I am here to study Architecture.

May. 17, 2023 | Posted in Reports, Interior Design , | Tags:, Reporter: Edwin M | Course: Interior Design

Architectural Design One-Year Course (n1) EZM

This week was my first week in Italy. Daniella Ruiz and I flew out of JFK April 30th and landed May 1st in Rome. Our first day was a little rough trying to get to our apartment, but we eventually made it. On May 2nd, we really started to explore the area and figure out where the main parts are. Basically that whole day was memorizing the most important places, like Accedmia Riaci, the grocery store, the best gelato around, and so on. May 3rd, we had our first official class and we jumped right into learning about different architects and going over past students’ work. Additionally we got our first assignment, which is designing a Villa. May 4, we really got into the project. Worked on it for hours, and made some quick sketches. On friday after class, we went to Santa Croce and explored some more. I’m writing this on Saturday, so today we had our final outing with Daniella’s Aunt who brought us to italy and made sure we settled in. She wanted to go to Pisa and see the tower, so that’s exactly what we did as a last hurrah.
Architectural Design blogDaniella and I on the plane
Architectural Design blogFirst photo I took of the school
Architectural Design blogVilla Progress
Architectural Design blogDinner that I made for us
Architectural Design blogWhile exploring I took a lot of photos of architecture and door entrances to all the buildings. I am doing this photo specifically because I want to replicate this for my projects entrance.
Architectural Design blogDaniella, her aunt, and I at Santa Croce
Architectural Design blogDaniella, her aunt, and I at Santa Croce
Architectural Design blogSketches of Villa
Architectural Design blogMy new favorite store: “Seletti”. I found it exploring near all the shops
Architectural Design blogMe in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.



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