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Staff Blog≫ Lunch preparation at Trattoria Mario

One of the subjects included in the “Culinary Art for Professional” course curriculum is called [Practical training at the restaurant] and consists in learning on the field how to prepare a lunch.
This time we introduce the study tour at Trattoria Mario.

Lunch preparation at Trattoria Mario

The restaurant is a family business that has been handed down for 4 generations. It has been also certified by Slow Food Association.
Trattoria Mario has no fridge! Every morning Mr. Romeo -the chef – purchases locally produced fresh
ingredients, directly from the market. Since the lunch menu is not fixed, every day his brother Fabio re-writes it by hand. Even Romeo’s son, Francesco, has been active in the kitchen!
People coming to Trattoria Mario are warmly welcomed by the owner’s family
. The posters stuck at the
restaurant wall are very interesting: “We don’t have the refrigerator”, “We share tables since 1953”, “We never use stock cubes for our broth”, “Don’t interfere in our way of grilling beef steaks”, and so on.
The “Culinary Art for Professionals” program is held 3 times a year, and it’s possible to combine it with a restaurant internship, extending your study-abroad experience until 2 years of duration.


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