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Hi there!

Is your summer as hot as in Florence?

During dog days, Italians find somewhere cool, heading to the mountains or to the sea. Have you ever happened to look for some refreshment in museums where you usually wouldn’t go?


Recently I visited the Museum of Industrial Design, located in Calenzano, a beautiful town just outside Florence. Although the museum itself is really small, it contains more than 100 works – from the 60’s to recent years – all conveying that unique style and originality that characterizes the made-in-Italy Product Design.


Industrial Design has become a broad term inclusive of several disciplines, such as the study of furniture and lighting – which can be defined as part of Product design – as well as machines component, and in this case we say Mechanical Design.


When it comes to Product Design, Italy is a worldwide leader!

For those who want to study the real Italian-style design, we recommend Accademia Riaci Product Design courses.


Through our programs, students will learn a wide range of notions and technical skills: how to translate a concept into shape, combining functionality with aesthetic, redesigning and studying several applications.

You will actually learn how to develop a project, starting from the analysis of existing products, modifying and reshaping them until the creation of a new idea.

Here is a selected list of subjects:

– Design techniques

– Theory of Product Design

– Human factors in Product Design

– Computer Design

– Materials technology

– Color science

During the classes, you will acquire both technical skills and theoretical knowledge regarding all phases of Product Design, from the fundamentals to the final development. Moreover, since we adapt the program to each student’s level and preference – through customized instructions – you will effectively learn the real Italian style and design.


Why don’t you come to Florence to learn product Design and visit museums that you won’t even find in Milan?





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