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Hello, all!

Summer is almost in full swing in Florence, and it’s the vacation season.

A lot of Italian people are enjoying the summer relaxing on the beach or

at cool summer resorts…how fortunate!

It is a part of joy to discover different parts of Italy, which is diverse

in geographical features, cuisine, and culture.


In fact, they did not even have a common language “Italian Language” until

150 years ago when Italy was unified.

There were, and still there  are, many different dialects different from

each other, such as “Napoletan language”, “Milanese Language”, etc. Tuscan

language as one of such dialects were chosen to be the common language

after the unification.

So, it maybe said that Florence is the best place to study Italian

language, as it is the capital city of the Tuscany region.


It is also fun to discover various Italian dialects particular to each

region, and soon you will be able to guess where the person is from the

way they talk when you hear Italian people on the street.

What about characteristics of Florentine way? Why don’t you come and find


Language is not learnt just in the classroom, but by going out and talking

with people living in Italy from various places.

Florence is an ideal place to do that, too, as it is situated in the

middle of the north and the south.


If you want to find out more about Italian language lessons offered in

Florence, please contact us!


Have a nice weekend!

Italian Language and Dialects

 Italian Language and Dialects



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