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Hello, all!

Today, we’d like to introduce our popular “Barista Course”!

As you might already know, Italy is famous for its Coffee, such as Espresso, Cappuccino, etc.

In our Barista course, you can acquired both knowledge and experience at real coffee shop in Italy!


What is Barista anyway? A barista is a professional coffee brewer at bar.

In Italy, there are bars in every corner of the city, offering space to enjoy not only coffee, but also snacks, cocktails, sweets, etc. and sell gifts, candies, tobacco, etc. As bars are an indispensable part of Italian people’s lives, it’s not a surprise that if there are 10 Italians, there are 10 different ways to order coffee. A good barista is able to prepare coffees according to each customer’s taste.


Accademia Riaci’s Barista course in Florence is ideal opportunity, not only for those who’d like to become a professional barista, but also for those who want to learn in a short period how to do “latte art” , or how to choose beans and get acquainted with different ways of coffee roasting.


Barista Course



The contents of the course are, for example;

– Knowledge of coffee beans (from cultivation – roasting – processing – blending)

– How to use coffee machines, its maintenance, knowledge, and temperature control

– Try latte art

Understanding different coffees and tastes from various part of the worlds

– Italian method to brew coffee

– Perfect Cappuccino

– Cocktails and other drinks using coffee


Of course, you will also learn Italian customer-service techniques, which is crucial to the role of barista.


The course takes pace at a bar located in just 10-minutes off the central part of the city of Florence.

The instructor is a friendly and gentle Italian barista, so you can acquire knowledge and techniques of a barista in a comfortable atmosphere, even in a short period. Even if you don’t speak Italian, don’t worry, there will be lesson interpreter by your side!


We recommend this course to all those who want to learn about delicious coffee. You’re welcome for a short period or long period.

For more detail, please contact our school office!





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