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Ciao a tutti, come va??

Today I’d like to introduce the questionnaire of one of our short–course students who studied Bag Making and Flower Arrangement for 2 weeks. It seems she has been very satisfied and, of course, we – as staff – are very glad to hear this!


“How was the content of your classes?”

Bag Making: since there were many hours of independent study, I’ve been able to go ahead with my work even when the professor was absent. It’s been nice. Only, maybe, I’d have added another sewing machine, since there were only two. (←Ed. We appreciated her feedback and promptly purchased a new machine)

Flower Arrangement: regarding this program I am greatly satisfied! The school staff has been really supportive in going along with my preference and I’ve learned a lot from the owners. The shop itself was beautiful and the interpreter so kind!


“Tell us your impression about your teachers”

The Bag Making professor has been very friendly and nice, and the Flower Arrangement teacher guided me accurately, in order not to make any mistake.



“Please, feel free to express any further comment”

I really enjoyed both classes because I was aware of what I could do and want to do in a short span of time. Also I have to thank the school staff for its attentive support. Overall I feel very satisfied about this experience.

Back home, I have been asked a lot by my friends about these courses. They are all elderly people like me, and I am sure you will receive more and more inquiries from people of my generation, in the future. It’d be great if the school could arrange different plans according to the age of its customers!



Flower Arrangement has been really popular in Italy nowadays, and Accademia Riaci offers you the chance to experience this art, regardless your level of experience. In fact, we customize the programs according with the students’ preference and level of expertise, providing as well an interpreter on the field.


If you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask our staff!



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