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Staff Blog≫ Textile Design!

Hello everybody!

 This week I want to introduce: Textile Design!

textile design

Textiles are an important part of our daily lives. From our homes, cars, public transport to the fashion we wear. Colour, pattern or motif, textured surface, three-dimensional function, form and sustainability are integral to creating textile design. 

Our teachers teach how to become a professional textile designer. Is very difficult to find a school for this important profession and the best place to learn is Florence.

Textile designers create two-dimensional designs that can be used, often as a repeat design, in the production of knit, weave and printed fabrics or textile products.

 What will you learn:

1)First of all, students learn how to design by hand. 

2)Students learn how to prepare pigments out of natural fibers (ex. fiber of banana) 

3)For long term courses, students learn how to decorate bags and other accessories. For short courses: in 2 weeks, for example, students learn how to design and color a foulard, in 4 weeks a bigger textile. 

4) Print technique using a linoleum (olio di lino) block 

5) Decoration with a stencil (stampo) 

6) Dyeing technique: students also learn the process of adding color to textile products, using chemicals;


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