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Hi guys!

This week I want to introduce: Woodworking & Furniture Restoration!

You will learn how to actually make with your hands pieces of furniture, learning from highly skilled Florentine artisans. The classes will be held in our professor’s laboratory.
At our school we are dealing especially with wooden furniture.

We customize the course according to your level, preference, and goals. We keep the class small (max 8 students) in order to give you the most effective learning experience possible!

Learning Stages (selected curriculum):

-At the beginning, you will first learn the professional tools and how to utilize them.

-Then you will project and actually create an inlaid table

– Next, you will make a chessboard table;

– The course focuses also on the study of materials (I.e. the characteristics of every type of wood, etc.)

– Part of the program is dedicated to learning how to recognize and refinish antique

-It is possible to perform some furniture restoration, learning the fundamentals of this technique, such as the Coating “Patinatura”(this is optional)




Students study in a warm and supportive environment – under the guidance of our professor – with other participants with different ages, both beginners and experienced. Projects can vary from simple to complex: this diversity offers a rich artistic experience.


Please inquire to our Admission Staff for further details!



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