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Emilia Asanza

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Course: Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sept. 8, 2014 - Apr. 24, 2015

She studied jewelry making in Ecuador for 3 years, and came to Italy to study new techniques of Jewelry. She chose Italy because Italy is the cradel of arts and place with great artists. She’d also like to learn more about culture, gastronomy and Italian people.

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Reporter: Emilia Asanza | Course: Jewelry Making

Weekly Report (Reporte Semanal nov 17-23)

The last week of class Annalissa taught us how to pint the cabochon’s stones which are complicate to pint because you have to be aware of the light that hits the stone.

Reporte de la semana. En clases, Annalissa nos ensenio a pintar piedras cabuchon. Primero usamos esta tecnica ya que es mas facil, a pesar de eso, nos es un poco dificil pintar porque se requiere de mucha practica, como todo lo que hacemos en joyeria.



In our computer lesson in Rhino we are making a very beautiful design that has to pearls. We are improving the techniques, but still we need to practices very much.

En las clases de computacion, seguimos aprendiendo hacer anillos, pero esta vez un poco mas complicados, asi vamos mejorando poco a poco a manejar bien el programa.




This Friday we went to visit the palazzo Davanzati, it’s a medieval construction, it’s one of the last remaining medieval building intact in Florence.

Este viernes fuimos a Palazzo Davanzati, es una costruccion medieval, es uno de los unicos palacios medievales que son intactos en Florencia.




In the art stage we panted with aquarelle, was interesting a new for us, but the weather was not good for that activity because was cold and humid.

El sabado en nuestro art stage, fuimos a diseniar en acuarela, estuvo interesante la clase, lastima que el dia no estaba muy agradable para diseniar afuera, hacia mucho frio.





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