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Emilia Asanza

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Course: Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Sept. 8, 2014 - Apr. 24, 2015

She studied jewelry making in Ecuador for 3 years, and came to Italy to study new techniques of Jewelry. She chose Italy because Italy is the cradel of arts and place with great artists. She’d also like to learn more about culture, gastronomy and Italian people.

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Reporter: Emilia Asanza | Course: Jewelry Making

Weekly Report (Reporte Semanal Mar 9-15)

This week at class I did my ring, I have a lot of work to do with this ring because it has a special hexagonal shape. I have to file a lot and be aware of the details.
At my stone setting class I learned how to set stones in a triangle form.

Esta semana en mis clases, trabaje en la elaboracion de mi anillo en forma de exagonal. Hay mucho trabjo que hacer e este anillo ya que todo es limado y prestando mucha atencion para no limar mucho.
En mis clases de encasatura, aprendi a encasar piedras en un triagulo, tomando en cuenta distancia entre piedra.


Setting stone class




Friday morning we went to a Japanese writing class , and I wrote my name and my sisters name. The teacher was very nice and she knew a lot of the subject. Japanese writing is beautiful because every word has a special meaning . I found it fascinating.

En viernes por la manana antes de ir a art visit, tuvimos una clase para aprender a escribir en japones y saber su significado. La clase me gusto bastante, aprendi a escribir mi nombre, apellido y el nombre de mi hermana. La profesora es muy buena, tenia mucha paciencia para enseniar.


Japanese writing class



Emi in Japanese

Family name

In art visit we went to the secret rooms in Palazzio Vechio, we also saw some Miguel Angelo sculptures among others.

En nuestro art visit fuimos al Palazzo Vecchio, visitamos los cuartos secretos Francesco, hijo de Cosme I de Mecici, tambien vimos algunas obas de Miguel Angel y Giorgio Vasari, en otras. En nuestra visita conocimos bastantes areas del palacio, la historia y a quien pertenecio el palacio.


Art visit. Palazzo Vecchio



Emilia_20150315_8  Emilia_20150315_11  Emilia_20150315_13

After art visit. Piazza Signoria

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