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 Natasha Cigarroa
Natasha Cigarroa

Nationality: USA
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course
Period: July 7,2014 - July 31,2014

She has taken a 1 year of art classes in USA and came to Italy to brush up her skills utilizing her summer holidasy!

Jul. 21, 2014 | Posted in Reports, Painting and Drawing , | Tags:, Reporter: Natasha Cigarroa | Course: Painting and Drawing

Summer Course Painting & Drawing 2

Summer Course Painting2
We began this week by deepening our understanding of color. Depicted below is interpretive color、 a technique used to emphasize the boldness of a still life, while keeping in mind to maintain the integrity of the objects in front of us.

Summer Course Painting2
Here is a photo of my apartment. There are three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. In my room I like to work on my sketching homework at the desk next to the window because of the natural light I am able to take advantage of.

Summer Course Painting2
On Monday afternoon Lucia and I went to see Piazzale Michelangelo. We had a lovely picnic overlooking all of Florence. From the Duomo to Ponte Vecchio, one can truly appreciate the sights Florence has to offer from Piazzale Michelangelo.

Summer Course Painting2
In Tuesday’s class I received my personal sketch book. Over the course of the class I familiarized myself with my nose and how to make my mind perceive it objectively. In doing so I was able to bring it to life on paper.

Summer Course Painting2
As a homework assignment Andi had me try to replicate some master drawings to better understand line quality. Here are a few of the faces along with some of Andi’s corrections.

Summer Course Painting2
Unlike Monday, on Wednesday we painted perceived colors rather than interpretive colors. A difficult concept to grasp, Andi set up a schedule to best use our time in class. We began with 10 minutes of general painting and slowly built up to paint details and add values.

Summer Course Painting2
Using the textured canvas paper from the week before, Thursday we began to paint our subjects. We set up our paper, the magazine photo, and our sketches side by side to establish proportions. Here Serna works on her piece.

Summer Course Painting2
My work from Thursday uses interpretive color. The texture in the canvas creates a feeling of movement and Erika suggested I leave certain areas without paint to really make them stand out.

Summer Course Painting2
Lucia begins her painting by sketching the photo from her iPad. She stands next to the window to receive natural light which will be very useful once she begins to paint.

Summer Course Painting2
On my way back to the apartment I got off of the bus early to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Florence and walk the rest of the way.




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