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Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Atelier Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 27, 2018

Shiau-Ting, Li. Shoes designer from Taiwan.
After working in Taiwanese footwear industry for three and a half years, she came to Firenze to study shoes making course, the city which is famous for leather art and shoes.
Although she already has basic aesthetics and sketching technique background from university (B.A.), yet she hopes to extend her shoe-making skills here in Riaci. She believes designer can deliver their thoughts through their works, hoping to keep motivate people with her designs.



Oct. 04, 2016 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Li SHIAU-TING | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 4-Master Course 2016 (Student1)

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_01

After finishing our upper, this week we focus on lasting the shoes. First, we have to put up the insole, which is used to stable the shoe. We use hammer to punch a little bit in order to fit our last. When punching insole, the shape will changing, we glue it again to combine.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_02

There are many shapes of shoe insole for different shape of shoes, our professor Angelo showed us different insole and their use.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_03

When lasting, it is important to start from the middle line, which will keep the shoe-shape.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_04

This is the step when I finish pre-lasting. Lasting is a technical word in shoe making that we put many tiny little nail through upper, lining into insole. The purpose of this step is to fit the leather on last before we use heavy glue to keep the shape.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_05

Photo shot from my left side of shoe. We leave a little bit lining on the top also to prevent our shoe-shape changed when lasting it.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_06
剛好我們幾個同學分別使用Decollete, Decollete Rovesciato and Aperto Dietro來攀鞋,教授同時教我們三種攀鞋技巧以符合不同鞋款。

Different style of pump shoes: Decollete, Decollete Rovesciato and Aperto Dietro. The techniques of lasting are different between these shoes, our professor Angelo show us the technique of lasting this week, next time we could make our own one.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_07

If making men shoe, it’s better to use leather sole, because it is flexible and fit our feet. Meanwhile, different welting needs different insole-shape. On the left, the insole is for goodyear shoe. On the right, the insole is design for tirolese.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_08

In this step, professor showed us how to put top counter into shoes. Top counter is important for protecting the toe cap and shape. We use heating machine to melt it a little bit then fit the toe cap.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_09

This is the step after put the top counter into upper, we punch the nail curved then pull away the nail.

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_10

Next step, we have to find a suitable heel for our last. This is what I found, pretty gorgeous right?

Li SHIAU-TING_20160930_11


This week we end up with heel lining, hope next week I could finish my chanel.

This is weekly reports, see you next week!



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