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Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Atelier Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 27, 2018

Shiau-Ting, Li. Shoes designer from Taiwan.
After working in Taiwanese footwear industry for three and a half years, she came to Firenze to study shoes making course, the city which is famous for leather art and shoes.
Although she already has basic aesthetics and sketching technique background from university (B.A.), yet she hopes to extend her shoe-making skills here in Riaci. She believes designer can deliver their thoughts through their works, hoping to keep motivate people with her designs.



Jun. 09, 2017 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Li SHIAU-TING | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 28-Master Course 2016 (Student1)

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_01

It was the last week for class. Though only few days left we are going to say goodbye, we still work to the bitter end. After that, everybody will fly back to their country and open a new page in their life… On Monday, I kept working on my Chelsea Norwegian second stitching.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_02
我分配了一下自己的時間,課後的時間繼續縫製已開好溝的左腳 (最後衝刺!)。

I distributed my working time, making right feet when at classroom and working on my left feet while I was at home. (go for last shot!)

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_03

Prof. Angelo was showing me how to close leather to cover hand-stitching.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_04

In this semester, I finished the lasting step for this whole-cut derby shoes, ready for hand stitching.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_05
這是Masami訂的新楦頭,是做給北鼻用的超小尺寸!平常都是做大人尺寸的我們,當看到這麼小的楦頭,全場為之驚呼。 實在太可愛了。

This was Masami’s new last, a last ordered for baby shoes. Because we usually make shoes for adult, so, when she showing her new last, our heart all melted because the small little foot. How cute!!

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_06

Prof. Angelo was helping me with grinding machine. For using these kinds of machine, need years of experience to be professional, because, machine run very fast and last was heavy. When watching Angelo using grinding machine, reminded me the time when I learned wooden craft in university. To become a professional shoe maker, not only need to know how to make pattern, also need to know how to stitching with machine and hand, how to use knife properly, last but not least, how to use grinding machine…A job full of challenge. I said to myself.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_07

Enjoy the last sunshine in Firenze city center with my shoes!

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_08

Thank you for teaching us this year, dear Angelo. You are the best!

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_09

I packed my luggage, ready for another adventure.

Li SHIAU-TING_20170428_10
在Piazza della repubblica前最後的留影,再見佛羅倫斯,我會再回來的。

My last shot in front of Piazza Della Repubblica. Farewell Firenze, I will come back.



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