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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master Course
Period: Sept. 5,2016-Apr. 28,2017


I worked in Japan for about 10 years but my former job had nothing to do with shoe making. I simply liked leather working as a hobby. I used to make small items such as leather wallets on my days off. For this past 2 years, I studied every week at a shoe making school in Kobe, Japan. I totally enjoyed the process of how my idea became actual shoes, so I kept making shoes on weekends even though I was tired from my weekday’s work. It takes a long time to make 1 pair of shoes, but I just love the shoe making process itself.
I quit my job 1 year ago and decided to come to Florence to study shoe making. I took Italian lessons for 4 months from this May, and I am now taking shoe making lessons in Italian. There is so much I need to learn now, but I hope to enjoy this learning experience.

Apr. 12, 2017 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Masami ISHIZUKA | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 25-Master Course 2016 (Student2)

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_01

I learned the Norwegian method which is one of hand-made manufacturing methods. I chose the monk type.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_02

It took about 2 months to finish after all, also because of spring break.
But I think that it put up a good show.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_03

I went to Venice. I was surprised that there is a canal just in front of the station!

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_04

The townscapes are put between canal and canal. It is not so far from Florence, but I am touched by the totally different city.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_05

If you take a ferry from Venice and go for about 30 minutes, there are small islands. One of them is this Brano Island. It is so popular by the very colorful cityscape.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_06

It is a single building, but is separated inside. It is easy to understand which is your home because they are painted differently by vivid colors.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_07

It is a church in the city. I was surprised to see that the tower is oblique like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_08

Not only the building but also the laundry was colorful, I thought the whole city is very fashionable!

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_09

When I asked the check at the restaurant, they put it in a mini pot instead of a tray. I found these small things so cute.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170331_10
ヴェネチアの街にある教会です。San Marco地区は観光客でとても賑わっていました。

This is a church in the city of Venice. San Marco area was very crowded by many tourists.



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