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Lara Blevi

Nationality: South-African
Course: Shoe Making
Program: One-Year Atelier Course
Period: Sept 5, 2016-April 25, 2017

After Studying a BA degree in Fashion Design in South Africa, Lara decided that she would love to study further and focus on a specific direction in the fashion industry. During her studies, she followed an internship at a company where she was taught how to make and design handbags out of leather and exotic leather skins.

She knew instantly that she would love to study further and learn more about shoes and decided to come to Firenze, Italy, the most famous city to learn more of leather art and shoes! She found Accademia Riaci and knew that the shoe making course that they had to offer was exactly was she was looking for.

Here she wishes to learn the highest level of shoe making techniques and to be able to follow her dream to become a designer with the knowledge of not only fashion, but also the art of shoe and handbag design.




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Reporter: Lara Blevi | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 23-One Year Course 2016

This week passed in the blink of an eye. Before we all knew it the week was over! On Thursday was Birthday and the class held a wonderful surprise party for me with a beautiful cake (made by Joanne of course), champagne, sushi and bubble tea. It was so special. For the evening we had cocktails at a secret bar in Florence and then had a dinner party with EVERYONE at Gesto. It was such a great day.

On the Wednesday I also did a fun costume shoot for a costume and events company here in Florence. I was the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. It was lots and lots of fun.

Other that all the distractions during the week I managed to complete the Blake stitching on my brother’s shoes.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_01
Here, Angelo is busy explaining to me how the Blake stitching is done.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_02
For the Blake stitching, actual bore hair is used as needles. This is because they are very flexible and has a small little point that it used to hook the thread while pulling it through the hole.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_03
Even though the process can be quite tricky, especially once you get to the toe of the shoe, I managed to finish mine very quickly. I think it is probably because I have very small hands and the shoe that I am working on is a size 43.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_04
My outfit and makeup for the shoot that I did on Wednesday. We did the shoot at a gorgeous castle in Scandicci, Florence.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_05
The stunning cake that Jo baked for my birthday on Thursday.

Lara BLEVI_20170324_06
My friend, Ariana, and me at the secret bar in Santo Spirito.

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