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Lara Blevi

Nationality: South-African
Course: Shoe Making
Program: One-Year Atelier Course
Period: Sept 5, 2016-April 25, 2017

After Studying a BA degree in Fashion Design in South Africa, Lara decided that she would love to study further and focus on a specific direction in the fashion industry. During her studies, she followed an internship at a company where she was taught how to make and design handbags out of leather and exotic leather skins.

She knew instantly that she would love to study further and learn more about shoes and decided to come to Firenze, Italy, the most famous city to learn more of leather art and shoes! She found Accademia Riaci and knew that the shoe making course that they had to offer was exactly was she was looking for.

Here she wishes to learn the highest level of shoe making techniques and to be able to follow her dream to become a designer with the knowledge of not only fashion, but also the art of shoe and handbag design.




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Shoe Making 22-One Year Course 2016

During our spring break I had the amazing opportunity to go visit my friend in Amsterdam. I spent a whole week there and it even ended up being a little family reunion as my brother and cousin both visited Amsterdam in the same time that I was there. We had such an amazing time and drank way too much beer!

The first week back to class started a bit slow but I quickly got my stride back. I did some work on the shoes for my brother as well as the boots that I am doing for my dad.



Lara BLEVI_20170317_01
It was honestly so great to see my brother again. He is studying in Berlin and also visited Amsterdam during the same time that I was there.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_02
My friend, Nina, who lives in Amsterdam, and me. We tried out a new restaurant and new food everyday, which resulted in me needing to do a big detox as I got back to Florence.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_03
We did loads of site seeing in Amsterdam and also went on a canal cruise through the lovely canals of Amsterdam. This was a great way to see the beautiful center of Amsterdam and also learn some history.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_04
On the Monday we travelled to Rotterdam where we stayed over for the night. I was so amazed by the architectural beauty of Rotterdam and how different it is to Amsterdam.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_05
On my last day in Amsterdam my friend took me to a market and had me try every single typical dish to Holland. One of my favorites was the massive Stroop Waffles.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_06
On Monday back in class I continued to work on the shoes for my brother. I prepared the sole for Blake stitching and also prepared the thread.


Lara BLEVI_20170317_07
Two of my friends and I were so excited when we finally found one of Florence’s secret speak easy bars. It is so amazing inside and the cocktails are so delicious and creative. I will definitely be back there soon.




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