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Nationality: Japan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Master Course
Period: Sept. 5,2016-Apr. 28,2017


I worked in Japan for about 10 years but my former job had nothing to do with shoe making. I simply liked leather working as a hobby. I used to make small items such as leather wallets on my days off. For this past 2 years, I studied every week at a shoe making school in Kobe, Japan. I totally enjoyed the process of how my idea became actual shoes, so I kept making shoes on weekends even though I was tired from my weekday’s work. It takes a long time to make 1 pair of shoes, but I just love the shoe making process itself.
I quit my job 1 year ago and decided to come to Florence to study shoe making. I took Italian lessons for 4 months from this May, and I am now taking shoe making lessons in Italian. There is so much I need to learn now, but I hope to enjoy this learning experience.

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Shoemaking Master Course (#22) – Masami I.

Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_01 I took my friend to the Palazzo Vecchio. There are Italian words “chi cerca trova” which mean, “Seek and you shall find”, written somewhere on this picture.
ヴェッキオ宮殿に知り合いを案内しました。こちらの絵の一部には、「cerca trova」つまり、「探して見つけなさい」という意味のイタリア語が書かれています。
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_03 This is the Gallery of Maps. There is a secret pass way behind the map of Armenia.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_02 The statue of David was really big and overwhelming.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_04 Dante Death Mask appeared in the movie “Inferno”.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_05 I finished my Goodyear shoes that I was working on during my I.S. time.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_06 This is the great view from the top of the Duomo. It was such a hard work to go all the way to the top, but it sure was worth it.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_07 I made a left shoe with the leather my friend gave me. Although the leather was a bit thick, I was really satisfied with its stylish outcome.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_08 The same shoe viewed from another angle.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_09 Another test shoe I made, left one also. This one is a ladies shoe.
Masami ISHIZUKA_20170303_10 The same ladies shoe viewed from another angle.


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