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Christine Lesperance
Christine Lesperance

Nationality: American
Course: shoe design and making
Program: One year
Period : Apr.25,2016-July 29,2016

After briefly studying Fashion Design at the Arts Institute in Miami, Christine came to Florence to study shoe design/making which was her real passion. At Accademia Riaci, she began her Shoe Design course with Professor Andrea Roth, a one-time designer for the Ferragamo shoe brand. In the design course, Christine was taught all of the design elements for creating beautiful footwear. She also learned how to balance creativity with technical skills. Upon completion of the design course, she was excited to move on to Shoe Making which is taught by Mr. Angelo.

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Shoe Making 18-Atelier One-Year Course 2016

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_01
Every Friday, students of Accademia Riaci go for an Art Visit with a guide. Above, students are taken to an orphanage from the 1500s. Inside, they saw works of art that was donated by the adults who once lived in the orphanage as children. The donation was a show of gratitude.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_02
One of the many beautiful churches in Florence. This one from the medieval times.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_03
A spectacular view of Florence’s only Jewish Synagogue. It is distinguished by its blue-colonies dome.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_04
A close-up view of the Duomo. This can be seen from the rooftop of one of the old orphanages of Florence.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_05
Florence by night. Above is the stunning view of the Baptistry, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, and the Duomo all in one view.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_06
Students taking pictures of the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio located in the Piazza del Signoria. This was one of the Medicci (ruling family) palaces.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_07
After the first step of creating shoe, which is taping the last (mold), one has to draw their design on the tape. Above is an example.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_08
One of the first steps in creating a shoe is taping up the last (mold) for the purpose of drawing one’s design. Although the first steps are quite simple, there is a certain technique used for taping the last.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_09
After designing your shoe style on the tape, it is removed from the last (mold) and placed on a piece of paper in order to make a pattern. Once the pattern is cut out it is placed on a piece of sturdy fabric for the purpose of making a trial sample (such as the one above.)

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_10
Once the pattern of one’s trial sample is cut, the pieces can then be sewn together. This process is usually quite quick.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160520_11
Above is an example of a pattern that was made from the tape that was removed from the last (mold.) The largest pattern is for the front of the shoe (upper), another is for the back (heel guard), and the smaller pieces just a corrective piece.



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