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Christine Lesperance
Christine Lesperance

Nationality: American
Course: shoe design and making
Program: One year
Period : Apr.25,2016-July 29,2016

After briefly studying Fashion Design at the Arts Institute in Miami, Christine came to Florence to study shoe design/making which was her real passion. At Accademia Riaci, she began her Shoe Design course with Professor Andrea Roth, a one-time designer for the Ferragamo shoe brand. In the design course, Christine was taught all of the design elements for creating beautiful footwear. She also learned how to balance creativity with technical skills. Upon completion of the design course, she was excited to move on to Shoe Making which is taught by Mr. Angelo.

Jul. 25, 2016 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Christine Lesperance | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 17-Atelier One-Year Course 2016

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_01
PELLEPIÙ trade show in Florence. Above, a representative of a sewing machine company is giving a quick lesson on how to use their latest machine which is programmable to sew patterns on fabric.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_02
Accademia Riaci students/professors receiving instructions on how to program a sewing machine to sews patterns. It was beneficial to learn what the hi-tech machines of today can do for the production of fashion items.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_03
Student of Accademia Riaci just learned how leather can be laser-cut and dyed to look like Python skin. Needless to say, she was impressed.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_04
Professor Angelo taking a look at a piece of leather that was laser-cut to look like Python skin. He particularly liked the gold sample.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_05
A representative of a leather laser-cutting company demonstrated how the process is done. At the end of the demonstration, he allowed everyone to closely inspect the piece of leather used in the demonstration.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_06
Professor Andrea asks the representative of the Laser-cutting machine to demonstrate for Accademia Riaci students how to program the machine to make special patterns on leather. He was very thorough in showing us the process and the students learned a few tricks.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_07
Student of Accademia Riaci was asked to try the latest JUKI model (sewing machine) made specifically for leather. It was very smooth and easy to operate.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_08
Professors of Accademia Riaci deciding on what to show the students first. There were far too many exciting things to inspect and learn.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_09
Professors and students taking a close look at the different types of leather. We were able to differentiate between cowhide, calf, goat, and lambskin.

Christine LESPERANCE_20160513_10
Professors of Accademia Riaci took students to PELLEPIEÙ which is a trade show of machinery and supplies used in the fashion industry. Everyone came away from the show with a better understanding of how certain fashion items are made.



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