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Nationality: Taiwan
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Atelier Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 27, 2018

Shiau-Ting, Li. Shoes designer from Taiwan.
After working in Taiwanese footwear industry for three and a half years, she came to Firenze to study shoes making course, the city which is famous for leather art and shoes.
Although she already has basic aesthetics and sketching technique background from university (B.A.), yet she hopes to extend her shoe-making skills here in Riaci. She believes designer can deliver their thoughts through their works, hoping to keep motivate people with her designs.



May. 11, 2018 | Posted in Reports, Shoemaking , | Tags:, Reporter: Li SHIAU-TING | Course: Shoemaking

Shoe Making 13-Atelier Course 2017

接近聖誕節的週末,佛羅倫斯舉辦了好幾場大大小小的市集,我參加了其中一場舉辦在阿諾河畔,稱為-Creative Factory.

When the day coming closer to Christmas, there are lots of Christmas market held in the city. I participated in one which was near Arno river, which is called-Creative Factory.

愛上這個城市的其中一個原因,除了漂亮的街角,另外就是,這裡總會有許多藝術活動,是一個藝術非常活耀的城市。每每參加類似活動,能夠與來自不同領域的藝術工作者對談,是一件令人享受的事情。這次的Creative Factory,認識了位當地的插畫家,當我看到她的作品,立刻被她豐富的筆觸及復古繪畫手法給吸引了。在閒聊之際,我跟她聊到我想要刺青的想法,並約定未來光顧她的刺青店…

One of the reasons why I love Florence city is that here has lots of lots of art and craft activity. it is really enjoyable that every times when I join this kind of activities, I could meet and get to know more people, who filled with passion with arts and designs.


After making pattern and making test during last week, I finally have my decision with satisfaction. The toe part still needed to adjust a bit but, this is how it looks from now. It will be a derby boot in Goodyear construction. Stay tuned…

版型確定後,就可以開始裁皮料、製作鞋面了! 這次也是選用焦糖色,經過上次莫卡辛的經驗,這塊皮在製作上可能要更加小心…(是塊許要好好呵護的顏色啊)

When the pattern was done, I could start cutting the upper. In this time, I also choose the caramel brown for this pair. Another challenge for using bright color leather, should pay more attention on it.


Monica was making her next design, a monk-shoe.


Yushih had done her long boot test and now discussing details with Prof. Angelo. It was really funny to see how Angelo reacted when he looking at Yushih’s long boots. The reason probably because, not much student tried to make long boots like this. Well done, Yushih! You can make it~


Many people start to make boots because the winter is coming. Our dear Caterina was making a pair of chukka boot for her brother. Picture shot when she making the thread for stitching, it looks like she made a very very long length.


This was second test for her long boots. In order to make a confortable boots, she spent a lot of times on it. It looks like a shoe for elves! We said it jokingly.


What a lovely weekend with lovely coffee and Lasagna. I found a very nice restaurant just near my home. I will put it in my pocket list!


Italy getting cold these days, even snowing on Sunday! Take care and keep warm guys. See you next week.



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