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Caterina Melidoni
Caterina Melidoni

Nationality: Italy
Course: Shoe Making
Program: Avanzata Course
Period: Sep. 4, 2017 – Apr. 28, 2018

After a BA degree in Industrial Design at ISIA in Rome, she decided to move to Florence to learn the ancient and valuable art of shoe making. She always has been interested in design and making shoes . So she found out that Florence and Accademia Riaci would have been the perfect place for learning about.
She wants to gain knowledge about one of the most Italian famous and worldwide appreciated handcraft art. The craft of shoe making deserves to be handed down from one generation to another, to survive as a prestigious art.


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Shoe Making 12-One Year Course 2017 (Student1)

After Easter’s holidays we kept working on our derby’s. Upper, lining and insole are ready for the lasting. I can’t wait to learn the goodyear stitching of the sole. On Saturday my family came to Florence (finally!). So happy to have them here!

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_01
Upper and lining. This time I am working at a male shoe model.

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_02
The knife needs to be well sharp, if not, cutting the insole is quite impossible.

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_03
The insole ready for Goodyear.

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_04
Also to skiving the leather is required a sharp knife.

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_05
Giulio’s derby

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_06
Ancient roman thermal baths in Fiesole.

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_07
Etruscan Temple

Caterina Melidoni_20170421_08
That’s too bad for the weather, but it is anyway an amazing view



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