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Nationality: Japanese
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Master Course
Period: Sep. 2, 2019 - Apr. 24, 2020

Hello. I’m Miyuki from Japan.
I am very pleased to be in Florence for the award of the international Art competition. I’m a painter and writer with 25 years over as a professional, but I want to return to the beginning again and learn more in Florence, at the sanctuary of Renaissance. I intend to further evolve my artistic and literary here. Also, I’m a textile designer. Here, I’ll carefully observe the differences of the western culture, new ideas, and designs. Through this blog, I would like to share with you my discovery and various notice.

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Reporter: Miyuki MARCELLA | Course: Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing vol.2 (Master Course – Miyuki)

I am gradually getting used to it. This week, I started to observe the cityscape and facilities of Florence little by little.

Painting Drawing blog
Madonna of Raphael at the Uffizi Gallery. How many times will I go to see from now on?

Painting Drawing blog
View of the Arno River from the Uffizi Gallery.

Painting Drawing blog
I visited Basilica de Santa Trinita.

Painting Drawing blog
I can still see the facade before this church was expanded. The position of the rose window was also shifted.

Painting Drawing blog
It seems that important masses and ceremonies were performed underground.

Painting Drawing blog
The fresco of the Sassetti Chapel in the right wing is by Ghirlandaio.

Painting Drawing blog
The church was so beautiful… but forgot to check the name of the church.

Painting Drawing blog
Dinner at a wonderful restaurant with a flower shop. The decor was cute.

Painting Drawing blog
I came here on a weekend afternoon and ate pizza for the first time in the second week.

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