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Brian Lipperd

Nationality: USA
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Master Course
Period: Jan. 15, 2018 - Jul. 27, 2018

My name is Brian Lipperd I came to Riaci to get my Masters in Painting and Drawing. I enjoy Teaching and with this new Qualification it will open new doors for me to teach at other Accademia’s. I have enjoyed giving workshops from Art Students League New York City USA. To Scottsdale Artist School Arizona USA. Sharing knowledge with other inspired artists has allowed me to learn alongside them. My Painting career has been developing from 1993-2018.

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Painting-Drawing 3-Master Course 2018 (Student1)

Monday thru Friday I worked on copying of Pietro Annigoni’s self portrait. It was very challenging at first because I was working with egg tempera as my medium. Then on Sunday 4 we went on a guided tour to Montelupo-Capraia. The museum Museo Ceramica taught me a lot of Italian History. Then on the same day I went to Museo di Palazzo Vecchio and saw beautiful decoration.

1. Enjoyed meeting Professor on Thursday.
The first week she explained the materials that we will be working with which largely include Egg Tempera. She explained how to transfer decorative finishes on to a large wall. She also gave us the material list to get before next Thursday. We are going to apply this technique on to the wall in the other class room.
To learn decorative finishes is a very practical knowledge to have. As a painter we need to be able to work in different field because it will help us make a finical living.

2. Daily Life In Florence Italy.
It has been wonderful that the school helps there students to have structure and have plan tour to different museums.










Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (n1) – aw

Language:   Reporter: A.W.
Course: Summer Intensive Course

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Jewelry Making One-Year Course (n2) riho-a

アカデミア美術館に行きました。実際にまじかで彫刻を見て、作った人の観察力のすごさに驚かされました。 …
Language:   Reporter: Riho A
Course: Jewelry Making

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Italian Home Cooking Summer Course (n4) – hn

Pic1 朝晩は涼しく秋の気候になってきました。レッスンでは夏の食材を使って来ましたが、今回は冬野菜を…
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Course: Summer Intensive Course

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