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Priyanka Dhingra

Country: India
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Short Course
Period: May 2, 2022 – Jul 22, 2022

Delhi based Artist and freelance Illustrator since 2003. Graduated from College Of Art, New Delhi with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (2001) and practiced at Triveni Kala Sangam Art Studios, New Delhi. Works in selection for the Annual Art Exhibition in 2009 at Lalit Kala Akademi ( govt. of India ) for previous series. Over the past years been part of select group shows in India and Abroad.

In 2021-22 I was selected as one of the winners in the International Art and Design competition. My practice as a Visual Artist over the years was achieved in my home country circle and 12 weeks at the Florentine city of Renaissance was a welcome break for me towards a more comprehensive experience and an opportunity to hone my skills further and explore new mediums in Art.

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Painting and Drawing Short Course (n.4)

Painting and Drawing blogDay 1 : Immersing My self further in the pen and technique and it’s various applications which have to be spontaneous and in a smooth flow I dwell deeper in several small and observant studies. I am experimenting and observing Italian maestro Peitro Annigoni ‘s iconic works.
Painting and Drawing blogDay 2 : Mixing a variety of techniques which include pencil drawings, pen and ink strokes, inks with brush.. I am trying to capture the depths and flatness of textures while I work on my own.
Painting and Drawing blogDay 3 : Independent work hours help work on my projects.
Painting and Drawing blogDay 4 : Today I work back again on the trompe le oil on wood board … it’s requires work in precision and layer over layer. I am learning Italian and visiting the beautiful countryside along with people from various cultures. I visit Cappello Medici and Museo martelli museums this week too.
Painting and Drawing blogAnother day to dabble and work on my project as I try to sync it while experimenting learning the fineness of the techniques.

Already looking forward to the 5th Week !


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