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Country: Japan
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course
Period: Jul 25, 2022 – Aug 5, 2022

🇬🇧 I'm a high school student who likes to draw, so I joined a two-week Painting & Drawing Summer Course. Originally drawing only digital illustrations as a hobby, this time I decided to participate in this course because I wanted to try oil painting.

🇯🇵 絵を描くことが好きな高校生です。今回は二週間の油絵のサマーコースに参加しました。絵は元々趣味でデジタルイラストを描いていて、今回油絵に挑戦したいと思い、このコースに参加しました。

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Painting and Drawing Summer Course N1 (Haruka)

Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 The class was held in a small room with many paintings around it, and four or five students worked on their own paintings. The class was very casual, with breaks and going out to buy drinks, and I was able to paint in a very comfortable environment.
🇯🇵 授業は、絵が周りにたくさん貼られた小さな部屋で行い、四、五人の生徒がそれぞれ自分の絵に取り組むという感じでした。授業は自由に休憩を入れたり、外に飲み物を買いに行ったりと、かなりラフな感じで行われ、非常に心地よい環境で絵を描くことができました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 This is a drawing of a plaster statue that I went to on the first day. I was able to draw more pictures than I had imagined after receiving guidance from the teacher about the shape of the eyes and the sharpness of the contour lines.
🇯🇵 初日に行った石膏像のデッサンの絵です。先生から、目の形や、輪郭線のメリハリについてなどの指導をうけて、自分の思ってた以上の絵を描くことができました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 It looks like you are drawing a plaster statue. It was my first time painting with the canvas upright, so at first I had a hard time drawing while looking at the image, but I gradually got used to it and was able to draw a good sketch.
🇯🇵 石膏像をデッサンしている様子です。キャンバスを立てて描くことも初めてで、最初は像を見ながら描くということに苦戦しましたが、段々と慣れていき、良いデッサンを描くことができました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 On the way back, I stop by a nearby store or a nearby market to buy food for lunch and dinner.
🇯🇵 帰りは、近くの店や、近くの市場に寄って昼と夜のご飯を買って帰ります。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 In particular, the kaisendon (rice bowl topped with seafood) I bought at Central Market allowed me to enjoy the taste of Japan even though I was overseas.
🇯🇵 特に、Central Marketで買った海鮮丼は、海外にいながらも日本の味を楽しむことができました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 I went to a paint store called Zecchi to buy the oil paints and brushes I needed. There were many kinds of paint, and even the same color was divided into several kinds, and it was a very exciting space.
🇯🇵 必要な油絵具と筆を買うため、Zecchiという塗料販売店に行きました。絵の具の種類がいくつもあって、同じ色でも何種類もの絵の具に分けられていて、とてもワクワクするような空間でした。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 This is a copy of Sandro Botticelli’s painting, and the line drawing is traced with acrylic paint. Under the guidance of the teacher that the color of the line drawing is good brown green, I mixed colors and made it.
🇯🇵 これは、サンドロボッティチェッリの絵の模写をして、アクリル絵の具で線画をなぞっています。線画の色は茶緑が良いという先生の指導のもと、色を混ぜ合わせて作っていきました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 I have just entered the process of using oil painting in earnest, and have even drawn the background and clothes. This was my first oil painting, and the colors were darker than watercolor paintings.
🇯🇵 本格的に油絵を使う工程に入り、背景と服まで描いたところです。初めての油絵は、水彩画よりも色が濃く写り、どんどん塗り重ねていくような感じで、新しい感覚が新鮮で楽しかったです。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 On days when I had some energy to spare, I stopped by a gelato shop recommended by a local and went home. The gelato at home was exceptional. At this time, I ordered pistachio and yogurt flavor, both were rich and very delicious.
🇯🇵 少し自分の体力に余裕があった日には現地の方がおすすめしてくださったジェラート屋に寄って帰ったりしました。本場でのジェラートはやっぱり格別でした。この時は、ピスタチオとヨーグルト味を頼み、どちらも濃厚でとても美味しかったです。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 On my day off, I was able to go to the terrace of the Cathedral of Santa Mari del Fiore, which is usually not accessible, on a local tour. The view of Florence seen from above was very beautiful, with a magnificent view that was different from the scenery we usually see on foot.
🇯🇵 休みの日には現地のツアーで、サンタマリ・デル・フィオーレ大聖堂の普段は入れないテラスへ行くことができました。上から見るフィレンツェの景色は、普段歩いて見る景色とはまた違う壮大な景色が広がっていて、とても綺麗でした。


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