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Country: Japan
Course: Painting and Drawing
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 5, 2022 – Sep 30, 2022

🇬🇧 I usually only draw abstract paintings, so I wanted to study academic painting here in Florence, the home of art, so I participated in a 4-week Painting & Drawing Summer Course. I want to try my best with gypsum drawing.

🇯🇵 普段は抽象画ばかり描いているので、ここ本場フィレンツェでアカデミックな絵画を勉強したくて、一ヶ月のサマーコースに参加しました。石膏デッサンなどに一生懸命に挑戦したいです。

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Painting and Drawing Summer Course N1 (Chisa)

🇬🇧 First time in Italy
🇯🇵 初めてのイタリア
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 First of all, I felt fresh in the townscape, which was completely different from Japan.
🇯🇵 まず初めに日本とはまるで違う街並みに、新鮮さを覚えました。
Painting and Drawing blog
Painting and Drawing blog
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 There was also a yellow signal for pedestrians, which was interesting.
🇯🇵 歩行者向けの信号にも黄色信号があって面白かったです。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 Also, the shop looks small from the outside, but when I went inside, I was surprised to find that it was much larger than I had imagined.
🇯🇵 それから、外観は小さく見えるお店も、中に入ると想像以上に広くて驚きました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 (By the way, the vegetables were also bigger than I imagined! Especially bel peppers.)
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 In class, I did still life drawings and plaster drawings.
🇯🇵 授業では、静物のデッサンと、石膏デッサンをしました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 I wanted to be able to draw like the model that the teacher showed me in just a minute or two.
🇯🇵 先生がほんの1、2分程度で見せてくれたお手本のように私も描けるようになりたいと思いました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 When drawing, I used a drawing scale that I have never seen in Japan. My teacher said that using this would improve my eyesight.
🇯🇵 デッサンをする際日本では見たことのないデッサンスケールを使いました。先生がこれを使用した方が、目が養われるのだとおっしゃっていました。
Painting and Drawing blog
🇬🇧 In the one-day home cooking class, I was taught how to make basic tomato sauce, so I would like to put it into practice.
🇯🇵 1日だけ体験したホームクッキングのクラスでは、基本のトマトソースの作り方を教わったので、実践してみたいです。


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