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Nationlity: CROATIAN
Course: Jewellery Making
Program: One Year (semester)
Period: Jan. 13, 2020 - Apr. 24, 2020

Dunja is a jewelry designer from Croatia. Dunja is making jewelry intensively for the few past years. Her style evolved from very simple design to little more complex pieces. She is excited to be a scholarship recipient of Accademia Riaci's International Art & Design Competition and to learn jewelry making from Italian Masters.

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Reporter: Dunja PUAČA | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewerly Making vol.2 (One Year Course – dunja)

During this week I started working on some new pieces. I had to decide what to do next and the decision was made to make two new rings. Design of the two rings is completely different and they are both consisted of several rings that when put together make one ring.
Jewerly Making blogIn order to do that I once again had to melt pure silver with copper to get silver925. This is the beginning of every jewellery making process and it is important that you measure your silver and amount of copper right. This is how pure silver looks.
Jewerly Making blogTool in this picture is a ring mandrel and it helps us to get the perfect round shape of wire after we solder it into ring.
Jewerly Making blogOne of my two rings I started working on this week. This one is easier to make and it consists of 3 different parts – rings that will be soldered together at the end of the process. I have prepared them for engraving.
Jewerly Making blogHere you can see a lot of soldering blocks and moulds. This is the place where all the silver melting is made. Once you heat the silver with fire and melt it, you can pour the molten silver into the shaped mould.
Jewerly Making blogMy classmate is preparing wax for the engraving lessons. She is heating the wax with flame in order to soften it and to apply her jewellery pieces into it.
Jewerly Making blogColleague Doreen working patient and diligent on her pendant piece. She is making a silver leaf pendant.
Jewerly Making blogClose up of Doreen’s work. You can see how she cuts the design with jeweller’s saw.
Jewerly Making blogWith school we went on an educational trip to Montelupo to visit the Ceramics Museum. It is a small little town some 20 min from Florence by train. Montelupo was very famous for its red colour ceramic and production.
Jewerly Making blogThis is how potter’s wheel looked like during the history and in the beginnings when it was invented. A person would sit on a chair and spin the lower wheel with his legs and then the upper wheel where he made ceramics would also spin.
Jewerly Making blogThe weather was so nice and you could almost smell the spring is coming. It was perfect for going to Piazzale Michelangelo and enjoy the stunning view of Florence and its surroundings.

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