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Nationlity: CROATIAN
Course: Jewellery Making
Program: One Year (semester)
Period: Jan. 13, 2020 - Apr. 24, 2020

Dunja is a jewelry designer from Croatia. Dunja is making jewelry intensively for the few past years. Her style evolved from very simple design to little more complex pieces. She is excited to be a scholarship recipient of Accademia Riaci's International Art & Design Competition and to learn jewelry making from Italian Masters.

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Reporter: Dunja PUAČA | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewerly Making vol.1 (One Year Course – dunja)

During this week I started working on silver earrings using traforo technique. After approximately 15 hours of work I finished them and prepared for engraving. I am very impressed with the amount of work and effort that needs to be put to get the piece done.
Jewerly Making blog
I started working on earrings and melted pure silver with copper to get silver925. I got this silver cast.
Jewerly Making blog
To get wanted thickness of silver sheet I put it in the rolling mill. This way I reduced the thickness and get the piece of silver with which I can work with easily.
Jewerly Making blog
Professor Danielle and colleague Maria working on her piece with the rolling mill.
Jewerly Making blog
After I applied the design I cut off outline of the earrings first. Then I drilled the wholes and cut the design inside to get the traforo.
Jewerly Making blog
All the sawing is done with the hand saw. It takes a lot of wholes, drilling, cutting and patience to get this piece.
Jewerly Making blog
Here you can see class and my colleagues. Classroom is very well equipped with all the tools.
Jewerly Making blog
Maria working on her piece and drilling holes.
Jewerly Making blog
At the Basic Lesson Painting I learned how to draw sketches. I never draw before so the professor explained all about proportions and how to begin drawing.
Jewerly Making blog
I took the time to admire the famous Duomo. It is such an incredible work of art, so many details!
Jewerly Making blog
In my free time I enjoyed walking around Florence by the river Arno. It was beautiful and sunny weather.

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