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Nationality: Canadian
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Master Course
Period: Sep. 3, 2018 - Apr. 26, 2019

Kelsey is a goldsmith and jewellery designer from Canada. She has been making jewellery in various capacities her entire life. Over the years her work has evolved from simple plier work, into more complex fine jewellery construction. She has studied jewellery making at numerous institutions around the world and completed several apprenticeships under Master goldsmiths. She is thrilled to be a scholarship recipient of the Accademia Riaci’s International Art & Design Competition, and looks forward to learning from the Italian Masters in the year to come.

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Reporter: Kelsey MERKELY | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making vol.7 – Master Course 2018 (k.m)

Jewelry Making blog
Looking out at the sea from my Airbnb in Genova.

Jewelry Making blog
The sweet little seaside town of Nervi.

Jewelry Making blog
Another great photo of the little seaside town of Nervi.

Jewelry Making blog
Me happy to be looking out over the sea with a glass of wine.

Jewelry Making blog
Gorgeous sunset from my terrace in Genova.

Jewelry Making blog
Town hopping on the Liguria coast, here’s a stature in the square of Santa Margherita.

Jewelry Making blog
Walking along the sea to the little town on Paraggi.

Jewelry Making blog
A small car parked next to a colourful building in Paraggi.

Jewelry Making blog
View of Paraggi from a distance.

Jewelry Making blog
Boats in Portofino.

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