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Pamela Bähre

Country: Chile
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: One-Year Course
Period: Jan 14, 2019 - Jul 26, 2019

My name is Pamela Bähre-Ebensperger, I’m the offspring of German/Austrian immigrants to Chile, South America. I first started learning silversmith and goldsmith back in 2008, and since then, I haven’t stopped!! I was a model since I was 14 (back in 1996) and then my career took an international path in 2001. Because of that, I was fortunate enough to live in many countries across the planet, impregnating my soul not only with original beauty but also with unique beliefs, habits, way of living, and all that could come in between…. I quit modeling when I was 30 years old (7 years ago) and it took me some time to let go of my “attachment” to my “babies” (a.k.a my jewelry), once I did (Thank Heaven!!!) I decided my contribution to this world will be one of beauty, power, and inspiration. Gemstones and metals not only tore energy, they transmit, transmute, enhance and even nullify it, therefore, but every piece of jewelry is also unique. It represents a state of Consciousness/ Being of the bearer, and as such, they serve either as Amulets or Talismans. This is the intention behind/ beside/ above and below my creations. In the Spirit of humility I can’t really say much about myself, if there’s an opinion or judgment to be formed about me, it is my preference you do it yourself. The one thing I can say though, I that nothing makes me happier than life itself and that to be of service to all Beings and, especially, to the Greater Good, beats anything!!!!!!

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Jewelry Making vol.3 (Master 2019 – Pamela)

My jewelry pieces are going well, advancing, nothing fully done yet since some pieces will only be ready when they are engraved and I haven’t started those classes yet. Others need the stone setting and that took me some time to learn well. I hadn’t realized how badly I need glasses until I started learning the stone setting techniques that Monica teaches us, and because I couldn’t see properly what I was doing I spent about 3 weeks not really understanding, nor seeing correctly!!! When Monica lent me her magnifying glasses my whole world changed!!! So I ordered magnifying glasses through Amazon and in a matter of an hour I understood, learnt and did correctly the most difficult of the settings, the one that seems to invisible!!!! It was an “AHA” moment for me, for before that I was frustrated to the maximum and doubting my abilities, but after that Godly hour I felt so empowered and myself again 
That was the last class with Monica before the school’s break.

Mis piezas de joyeria van bien, avanzando, no hay ninguna finalizada totalmente pues algunas piezas deben ser engrabadas y esas clases no las he comenzado aun. Otras necesitas los engastes de las piedras y eso me tomo un tiempo aprenderlo. No me habia dado cuenta lo mucho que necesitaba lentes hasta que empeze a aprender el tipo de engaste que Monica nos ensena, Y como no veia bien lo que estaba haciendo se me pasaron alrrededor de 3 semanas sin ver y sin entender bien lo que estaba haciendo!!!! Cuando Monica me presto sus lentes de aumento mi mundo cambio 180 grados!!! Y fue asi como compre unos lentes de aumento por Amazon y en una hora entendi, aprendi e hice casi a la perfeccion el mas dificil de los engastes, el que parece invisible!! Fue un momento de realizacion para mi, porque antes de eso estaba frustrada al maximo y dudaba de mis capacidades, pero despues de esa hora bendita me senti empoderada y yo misma denuevo 
Esa fue mi ultima clase con Monica antes de las vacaciones.

Jewelry Design blog

Jewelry Making blog

Jewelry Making blog

For the break I went to Barcelona to visit my fiancée and help him put together our new home there, but that only happened a couple of days after I arrived since I was still sick when I landed there. He took great care of me, I am extremely blessed to have him by my side!!!!
After I recovered I started working on our home and in the evenings I was practicing the stone setting technique that I was able to manage before leaving and in my humble opinion I’m getting quite good at it, I actually like it a lot and I enjoy it greatly, which makes me think I’ll enjoy the engraving technique SO MUCH!!

Para las vacaciones fui a Barcelona a visitar a mi novio y ayudarle a armar nuestro Nuevo hogar alla, pero eso paso solamente un par de dias despues de haber llegado, pues cuando llegue todavia estaba enferma. El me cuido y ayudo a que estuviera bien al 100% en poco tiempo, la verdad soy muy afortunada en tenerlo al lado mio!!!
Despues de que me recupere empeze a trabajar en nuestra casa y en las noches practicaba el engaste que aprendi antes de irme y en mi humilde opinion, me estoy volviendo bastante buena en eso, y debo decir que me gusta bastante y que de verdad lo disfruto, y esto me hace pensar que cuando llegue la hora de aprender engravado lo voy a disfrutar al maximo!!

Jewelry Making blog



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