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A. K.

Country: Japan
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Summer Course
Period: Sep 11, 2023 – Oct 6, 2023

I learned metal engraving as a hobby in Japan. I was also interested in living overseas, so I looked into whether it would be possible to make a living while learning metal engraving, and found out about Accademia Riaci. Although it is only a short period of one month, I would like to enjoy school and life in Italy.

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Jewelry Making Summer Course (#2) – A. K.

Jewelry Making blog I used a router to make my second ring. Unlike the router I used in Japan, it was a little difficult to adjust the speed with my feet. It’s fun to be able to use tools I’ve never used before.
Jewelry Making blog The second ring is completed. I’m glad it has a shiny mirror finish.
Jewelry Making blog I went shopping at the supermarket. The carts were shaped differently, and the raw ham and cheese were more reasonable than in Japan. Going around the supermarket was also interesting because there were a lot of foods that I don’t see in Japan.
Jewelry Making blog I went out to eat Chinese food with some friends for a change. I was happy to be able to eat delicious Chinese food in Italy.
Jewelry Making blog I went to the market in Cassine Park on Tuesday morning. I was surprised at how cheap they were selling all sorts of things, including vegetables for 1 euro per kilo.
Jewelry Making blog I went to eat Lampredotto. The offal was soft and odorless, making it easy to eat. The taste seems to vary depending on the store, so I would like to visit various stores.
Jewelry Making blog I went to the post office for some business. I was very surprised that the inside of the building looked like an art museum.
Jewelry Making blog I went to eat gelato with a friend. Although it didn’t contain sugar, it was very delicious with the sweetness of the fruit. It looked cute and I wanted to go there again.
Jewelry Making blog I had a chance to be invited to a house party. The Duomo at night, which can be seen from the terrace, is very nice and different from the daytime view, and we had a great night enjoying delicious food and drinking wine.
Jewelry Making blog This is my second carving class. My teacher shows me examples, but it’s difficult and I struggle. I have two more classes left, but I want to do my best to improve as much as possible.


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