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 Yihan ZHANG

Nationality: Chinese
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Short Course
Period: Mar. 2, 2015 - Jun. 26, 2015

May. 07, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making , | Tags:, Reporter: Yihan ZHANG | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making 9-Art Short:Spring 2015

Yihan ZHANG_20150501_1
This week is raining a lot, but fortunately the weather gets better on Wednesday.


Yihan ZHANG_20150501_2

Yihan ZHANG_20150501_3
Me and my friends went to the shops on the old bridge, inspired a lot by their charming handcraft.


Yihan ZHANG_20150501_4
On my class, I continued with my ring and prepared to set a agate on the top.


Yihan ZHANG_20150501_5
After polished,the ring looks better. I put the agate on the top and tried to find a prefect position for it.


Yihan ZHANG_20150501_6
The last step and the hardest, was to set the stone with the Punching machine. I had to use it carefully and slowly, otherwise I will hurt the stone


Yihan ZHANG_20150501_7
On Thursday evening, me and my friends tried to make Udon Noodle, a very famous noodle in Japan.




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