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 Yihan ZHANG

Nationality: Chinese
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Short Course
Period: Mar. 2, 2015 - Jun. 26, 2015

May. 19, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making , | Tags:, Reporter: Yihan ZHANG | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making 11-Art Short:Spring 2015

Yihan ZHANG_20150515_1
Continued with my pendant this week, I soldered the main form and tried to solder the needle pendants on the structure.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_2
It was too hard to solder them at the very beginning. Thanks for teacher’s help, I finished them step by step.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_3
I polished my pendant, after soldered the tube for the chain and the double helix shape on the top.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_4
My teacher was helping me to set the stone in the center.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_5_1

Yihan ZHANG_20150515_5_2

When I finished this pendant, I took some photo with my friend. It was a hard work but I feel really happy about the result.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_6

This thursday,me and my friend went to Venezia for the famous Biennale Arte 2015.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_7_1

Yihan ZHANG_20150515_7_2

Different pavilions shows a lot of interesting art works, we were inspired a lot.


Yihan ZHANG_20150515_8_1

Yihan ZHANG_20150515_8_2

We even went to visit a famous architecture designed by Carlo Scarpa, The Brion Cemetery.

我们还顺便去参观了著名建筑师 Carlo Scarpa 设计的巅峰之作 —- 布里昂墓园。

Yihan ZHANG_20150515_9
This week was finished under the sunshine of San.Vito.




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