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 Yihan ZHANG

Nationality: Chinese
Course: Jewelry Making
Program: Short Course
Period: Mar. 2, 2015 - Jun. 26, 2015

May. 11, 2015 | Posted in Reports, Jewelry Making , | Tags:, Reporter: Yihan ZHANG | Course: Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making 10-Art Short:Spring 2015

Yihan ZHANG_20150508_1
For this week,I started to make a pendent, designed by myself. I drew a sketch about it and tried to add some techniques that I would like to learn.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_2
With the help of my teacher, I finished the center part for stone and the double helix shape for decoration.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_3

Yihan ZHANG_20150508_3_2

In my design, the chain go through a tiny tube. I also learnt how to make that tube by myself, even it was a complicated work.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_4

Yihan ZHANG_20150508_4_2

The most difficult part was to make the smaller pendent needle. I filed them one by one, which is a patient job….Anyway, when you concentrate about what you are doing, you will enjoy it.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_5
My friend took a photo for me when I was working on my pandent.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_6
Finished the back part, I tried to compared them with my sketch. I will continue work on it next week.


Yihan ZHANG_20150508_7
Some artists were drawing the “last supper” on the floor around centre Florence. For me, the life in Florence is full of art, you can find it everywhere, every time.

这周看到一些艺术家在佛罗伦萨市中心地板上画”最后的晚餐”。 对我来说,佛罗伦萨在各个角落都隐藏着艺术等待我们发现。



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